saturday, dec 31, 2016

... whatever it takes to drown 2016 forever - here's to 2017
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2016: the movie
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it's the end of the year as we know it
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in memoriam 2016 - geraint hacking
sadly even more have now been lost in the short time since this animation was completed
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google - year in search 2016
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the most cringeworthy political moments of 2016
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miss cellania's fantastic 2016 year end lists
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fireworks livestream traveling globally
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friday, dec 30, 2016

sue mcnally - this land is your land
an ongoing series of large oil-on-canvas paintings that will represent each of the 50 u.s. states
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spain's 'enfarinats' festival
image: epa/morell
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animal carcasses made from textile
"actus reus" - tamara kostianovsky
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noodlework - knitting with instant ramen noodles
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ancient roman penis amulets to ward of illness
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the daily donald: puppet? no puppet
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::blort quickies::

google: houses that look surprised

i love baby elephant

i want this game
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tuesday, dec 27, 2016

other worldly images of andromeda galaxy over a tiny swiss village
sandro and markus casutt
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"drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra"

remembering carrie fisher

hi i'm mrs. hans solo and i'm an alcoholic - because george lucas ruined my life

hilarious interview shows why we will always love carrie fisher

carrie fisher's dog: "i'll be waiting right here mommy."
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red army alexandrov ensemble - r.i.p. - one of their last recorded concerts before plane crash
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when white people make kwanza cake
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the daily donald: donald & his posse
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blort quickies

sad topographies

water your owl until it blooms

the cobra gypsies
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