sunday, aug 16, 2015

toby desilva's immortals
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the sacred egg / nicolas godin
zombie surfers
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the stenberg brothers and the art of soviet movie posters
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centuries-old board games
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the daily donald: @trumpyourcat
1.brush your cat
2.form the hair you brushed into a toupee and place toupee on cat
3.share & tag

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all of madonna's best outfits, ranked
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american obsessions - pinball
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man poses as target customer service rep on facebook, trolls haters of its gender-neutral move with epic replies
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saturday, aug 15, 2015

love affair - silkie
animation: simon landrein
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colorful lithuanian garage doors
photos by agne gintalaite: beauty remains
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the amazing art of bread baking in tajikistan
video by john wendle for national geographic see also johnwendle on instagram
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the elephants of mfuwe lodge
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innocent targets
"There are an estimated 18,000 shooting ranges operating in America today. Many of these shooting ranges sell custom targets featuring thugs, terrorists, aliens and zombies. The painfully ironic truth is that the real targets of gun violence aren't these fictional "bad guys" but rather our real-life friends, neighbors, co-workers and children."
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watts riots 50
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friday, aug 14, 2015

15 exercises you should try, according to old-timey cigarette packs
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vintage diving suits
image: imagno/getty images
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medieval medical experiments
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importance of the world's first photographs
robert cornelius - the world's first selfie
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don't freak out, but scientists think octopuses 'might be aliens'
image: yen chui liu
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the boy's book of science and invention (1957)
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"bing bing bong bong bing bing bing"
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napkin art - joan sallas
"the world's leading authority on historic linen folding"
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collages by lajos vajda
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wild and wooly
documentary about a baby elephant and a sheep
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