sunday, jan 18, 2015

i've fallen and i can't get up - dave fothergill
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wine labels designed by slain charlie hebdo cartoonists
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how automakers made jaywalking a crime
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xrays show how chubby hamster cheeks work
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ukranian malanka festival
photos by brendan hoffman / getty images
more about the malanka festival
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jimmy page: how stairway to heaven was written
also, a full length guardian live interview: jimmy page on guitars, led zepplin and robert plant
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50 years of bowie hair styles
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100 sizzling japanese maids in action
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so who needs a movie?
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saturday, jan 17, 2015

saddo - the rise of the bird people
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"After 432 hours, 1 gram of black soldier fly eggs turn into 2.4 kilogram of larvae protein, larvae that self-harvest and fall clean and ready to eat into a harvest bucket."
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the evolution of lingerie and corsetry
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zeee - skeleta kraze - uganda
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jackson hole - elk refuge
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detroit in the 1940s
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literal translations of normal german words
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thursday, jan 15, 2015

jasmine worth
blood tears
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hand embroidered uzbek-suzani pillow - islimi
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bipolar sunshine - daydreamer
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snoppen och snippan
what's not to love about happy animated dancing genitals?
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the art of medicine: mapping the body
image: day 711, the daily stream of consciousness, bobby baker, 2008
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weegee goes to the movies
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genius window washer
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