sunday, sep 8, 2013

what makes you happy?
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an aerial tour of iceland
"It was an amazing experience to stand on the cliffs of Ţingvellir and survey the rift valley where two tectonic plates are separating. But even more amazing? Flying over that same valley. I think I know why so many birds spend their summers in Iceland. They enjoy the view."
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locomotive lithographs
mid-1800s builders' prints
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vintage iggy
never-before-seen photos taken by one of iggy’s ex-girlfriends during the late 70s and early 80s
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ike and tina turner live
just under one hour of vintage footage
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goats vs pony
yelling like humans remix
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obama assures americans this will not be another 1456 ottoman siege of belgrade
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saturday, sep 7, 2013

mister wister the time twister - 1956
Robert Carl Cohen wrote & designed this cartoon which was awarded a French "Prix de la Qualite" in 1957
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dear guy who just made my burrito
"You’re the worst thing that has ever happened to the universe, you owe everyone everywhere an apology for this burritobomination, and I hope your babies look like monkeys."
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lavish las vegas underground bunker for sale
", barbecue, swim, relax in a hot tub, dance under a starry sky and make breakfast while gazing at the mountains. All while 26 feet underground."
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handfeeding a dragonfly
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global warming harlem shake
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girl makes dolphin laugh
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thursday, sep 5, 2013

ylvis - what does the fox say?
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this is my father's world
incredible sand painting by tranh cát lę phong giao
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ooh poo pah doo - clarence gatemouth brown with canned heat - 1973
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kung fu mantis
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wednesday, sep 4, 2013

my daguerreotype boyfriend
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even mountain goats don't like getting caught in storms
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empieza algo nuevo
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censorship towel
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sam bennett's suffragette city
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sinkhole swallows trees
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tuesday, sep 3, 2013

realigning my thoughts on jasper johns
artist jk keller realigns the "mom and pop art" episode of the simpsons
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micro mike rowe
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et alors
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man with unexpected voice
hoodie at 11:17 pm
how to be quiet around a bison
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