sunday, sep 27, 2009

dan may
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twisty smooch dolls cookbook
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steven hill's movie title screens page
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i'll scream your
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a glorious dawn
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saturday, sep 26, 2009

a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis
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ponytail cap
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bovril shrine
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i eat cannibals
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sexy executives
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thursday, sep 24, 2009

happy birthday to us!

9 years and 11,051 posts

...and a tip o' the blort beanie to gerard...

the presurfer
our astral twin, also 9 years old today

in celebration, a bit of early blort flashback

love ewe: inflatable love sheep

web economy bullshit generator

thunderwear crotch holster

die screaming with sharp things in your head!!!

squirresl must die

perpetual bubble wrap

kismet the social machine

the truth about mars - an eyewitness account

strawberry pop-tart blow torches

respect the pussy

meet hamburger harry

aerosol operation crimes & cover-up
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wednesday, sep 23, 2009

bloody nipples
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beer run
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banana art
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sleepy time
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australian war memorial collection
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tuesday, sep 22, 2009

endoscope shop
"Using the reusable Ear Spoon you can gently clean every nook and and cranny of your ears with ease ... The EarScope GXL is also useful on other parts of the body, or even for industrial uses, such as peering inside dark areas like engines, machines, boreholes, etc. It's several tools in one!"
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bat loose in congress
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wrong, wrong, wrong
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