sunday, nov 30, 2008

rob sato
thanks onion:blog
madamjujujive at 11:53 pm

catalonia's el caganer christmas figures
"A caganer -- or "pooper" -- is a small figurine of a person squatting down with lowered pants (or raised skirt) to answer nature's call ... figures can be of traditional characters, such as Santa Claus, or of personalities from the worlds of politics or sports."
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i-feast pet feeding and docking station
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keyboard for blondes
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saturday, nov 29, 2008

related: how to case mod a beaver - in 29 easy steps!
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heroes: extraordinary people with extraordinary powers
thanks to the ever-meepy milinkito for this treasure trove of blorty vids
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bouncing lizard
hoodie at 11:33 am

mickey mouse at 80
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in vestimentis ursum
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ask the llama
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look! 70's rock musicians and their parent's homes
thanks presurfer
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thursday, nov 27, 2008

happy avian holocaust day
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thanksgiving turkey meat layer cake
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celebrity bric-a-brac: the story of thanksgiving
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hand turkey
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tampon thanksgiving turkey
thanks, tab!
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tuesday, nov 25, 2008

pie eating contest
"The object of this puzzle is to eat the entire pie in just 15 bites."
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tofurkey disguise kit
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hand processing poultry
madamjujujive at 11:00 pm
speeding ticket fail
gas station fail
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