sunday, oct 5, 2008

mccain's 3 am phone call
quonsar at 8:16 pm

digital conversion psa
thanks tumblrownpau
madamjujujive at 7:25 pm
saturday, oct 4, 2008

erotic falconry (nsfw)
hoodie at 10:48 pm

the field center for children's policy, pratice & research
when logo design goes horribly wrong
quonsar at 10:46 pm

high cuisine for halloween
eyeball caprese
madamjujujive at 10:31 pm

small animal decency (s.a.d.)
"Naked squirrels are contributing to the moral decay of our world! They flaunt their nudity and run around like tiny furry streakers. These underpants are a perfect, simple solution to a big, complicated problem.
quonsar at 10:29 pm

smashing glass to the anvil chorus
thanks netbros
madamjujujive at 10:27 pm
sarah palin debate flow chart
hoodie at 10:25 pm

the maverick
quonsar at 10:00 pm
friday, oct 3, 2008

romance novel parodies
melinika at 8:49 pm

homer simpson tries to vote for obama
madamjujujive at 8:49 pm

thanks it is ok
madamjujujive at 8:48 pm

general mclellan responds
thanks, homunculus
"I know John McCain. John and I fought side by side in Mexico. We threw back a bourbon and loved some whores in TJ. We had our fun. But that man doesn't know how to win a war any more than I knew how to beat Robert E. Lee."
madamjujujive at 8:47 pm

the fabric of your fellow americans
melinika at 8:46 pm

world gravy wrestling championships
madamjujujive at 8:46 pm
wednesday, oct 1, 2008

the pig race
madamjujujive at 11:56 pm

gun molls and rebel rousers
blort bow to pcl link dump
madamjujujive at 11:45 pm

critter cruiser
thanks j-walk
madamjujujive at 11:34 pm

sarah palin's facebook page
madamjujujive at 11:28 pm

mccain: feel the excitement
madamjujujive at 11:22 pm

81 owls
madamjujujive at 12:15 am
tuesday, sep 30, 2008

thanks mizuho(n)
madamjujujive at 11:47 pm

bullfrogs eat everything
blort bow to miss c
madamjujujive at 11:47 pm

rebuilding a bosch diesel injection pump
hoodie at 11:46 pm

granny kicks baby compilation
thanks not_on_display
madamjujujive at 11:46 pm

eepybird's sticky note experiment
madamjujujive at 11:45 pm
monday, sep 29, 2008

shelldrake and rixport preparing for quonsar's birthday festivities
madamjujujive at 10:49 pm

iphone cupcakes
cupcake decorating championship
madamjujujive at 8:43 am
madamjujujive at 8:40 am

my anatomy
madamjujujive at 8:39 am

orson whales
madamjujujive at 8:39 am