sunday, dec 2, 2007

kitty wigs
blort bow to snarky malarkey
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venom hawks
"After 20 years of rock'n'roll'n'gin the surviving gothic-punk is rather thin (on top). But thanks to our secret formula your mohawk can be instantly regenerated."
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triumph of a heart
thanks, szanalmas
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poison ivy hall of fame slide show
"If you really want to see these pictures you may proceed, but I do suggest you not view these right before dinner, particularly if you are an adult. Kids may go right ahead."
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goatse rock
quonsar at 12:27 am

the bearded cap
melinika at 12:26 am

perler bead crafts
melinika at 12:25 am
saturday, dec 1, 2007

comprehensive bunny name list
NOTE: Use of this list to obtain names for kitties, puppies, gerbils, hamsters, or other fuzzy pets is an abuse of this service and will not be tolerated.
blort bow to art for housewives
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thursday, nov 29, 2007

monster stockings
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chicken archaeologists
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cat man do
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tuesday, nov 27, 2007

dada dolls
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kiddie records weekly
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a tribute to kevin's hair
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wally likes salley
thanks, greenskpr!
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primate artwork
via sweet nickyskye
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monday, nov 26, 2007

dogs with cones
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kama sutra cookie cutters
via thoughts from the sidelines
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