saturday, jul 9, 2005

hufu: the healthy human flesh alternative
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wednesday, jul 6, 2005

bulbo sucks and tries to get you to install spyware so the link has been crapco'ed
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tom cruise
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mike drinksalot at 3:20 pm

unintentionally sexual comic book covers
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mind molester
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toy presidents
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obituaries of the future
"Keanu Reeves died of dehydration on the front lawn of his home in the Hollywood hills Tuesday morning. The 45-year-old actor reportedly accepted a challenge from fellow actor and former co-star Gary Busey, who claimed Reeves “couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag.” Reeves spent his final four days in a 8 x 5 foot brown sack deprived of food and water."
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mr. suicide
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roger moore's fantabulous eyebrows
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