sunday, apr 24, 2005

zeta talk
quonsar at 1:23 pm
saturday, apr 23, 2005

ladies of star trek
quonsar at 11:59 pm

draw a pig
quonsar at 10:52 pm
thursday, apr 21, 2005

essence of douchebag
"His name was Oliver, and he was from Michigan."
quonsar at 10:20 pm
wednesday, apr 20, 2005

unborn baby ornament - us troop model
"What if the fetus you were going to abort would grow up to be a soldier bringing democracy to a godless dictatorship?"
quonsar at 10:28 pm

crochet my crotch
quonsar at 6:28 pm

virtual stan
quonsar at 6:10 pm

the tao of charcoal
"When I first began to build fires I would see before me the cooker, charcoal, flames, food, and smoke all in floating masses of confusion. After three years I no longer saw confusion. Instead, I saw a single blending of all these things into the spirit of the fire. But now I see nothing. My whole being exists in a formless void. My senses are idle. My spirit, free to work without plan, follows its own instinct. In short, my fire builds itself."
quonsar at 4:28 pm
tuesday, apr 19, 2005

pope on a rope soap
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