sunday, jan 23, 2005

grow with the flow
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saturday, jan 22, 2005

three asian fags
rev. crash davis at 9:20 pm

pen island
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razor blade soap
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bunny suicides
rev. crash davis at 5:26 pm

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friday, jan 21, 2005

the many arms of misha
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thursday, jan 20, 2005

eric doeringer's smoke filtration systems
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madamjujujive at 10:40 pm
half full
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tuesday, jan 18, 2005
lsd blotter art gallery
"Black market LSD blotter generally bears art or a design printed on the paper. The paper is then perforated into individual "tabs" or "hits" approximately 1/4 in. x 1/4 in. Following are images of more than 60 blotter samples showing various designs and art."
mike drinks at 9:33 pm
mike drinks at 9:31 pm
my little nazi dolls
"here's Marius the SS officer and Fritz the panzer cadet. they are gay. a lot of people in the 'action figure community' are mean to me because some of my dolls are gay. i have around 65 action figures, but only 5 or 6 are gay."
madamjujujive at 9:29 pm
:: everflashing backblort 2002 ::
a happy meal for your soul
"Recently, the 66 books of the Bible were fed into a non-biased, objective system computer at a top-secret governmental research facility. The computer recommended that a new religion be created... a religion that rejected outdated dogma and complicated liturgy, replacing these harmful and inefficient elements with a more functional and convenient religious ritual.This is McChurch!"
limited time special bonus links! [only at participating mcchurch's] meet mcgod almighty! and mcsponsor a donkey!
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:: everflashing backblort 2003 ::

all about george
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the stonehenge pocket watch
" ... predict the exact moment of the winter and summer solstices exactly in the same manner as our ancestors!"
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