saturday, may 29, 2004

the way you make me wheel
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:: everflashing backblort: may 2003 ::

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:: everflashing backblort: may 2002 ::
silicon art
"Looking inside, Chipworks has found creative expressions on many of the chips that we have examined. Our combined facilities house six (6) optical microscopes that provide us with the magnification required to discover the hidden art on some chips. Magnification based on the available space where the art is place can vary anywhere from 200 to 500 times the actual size. We think that these masterpieces deserve a wider audience. Have a look at what we've found!"
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:: everflashing backblort: may 2001 ::
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friday, may 28, 2004
what we want
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railroad tycoon
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blue suburbia
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:: everflashing backblort: may 2003 ::

I want an elephant
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:: everflashing backblort: may 2002 ::

killing a chicken
"They never could explain for us what Maria was looking for."
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:: everflashing backblort: may 2001 ::
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thursday, may 27, 2004
i like you!
madamjujujive at 10:51 pm
giants and girls
Dedicated to all those prehistoric giants, pinhead mutants, bug-eyed aliens, and other monsters chasing (and sometimes capturing) those beautiful girls!
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kiss & bajs
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tuesday, may 25, 2004
so fuck you very much, the fcc
for proving that free speech just isn't free
clear channels a dear channel so howard stern must go
attorney general ashcroft doesn't like strong words and so
he's charging twice as much as all the drugs for rush limbaugh
so fuck you all so very much

note: 3.1 megabyte MP3 file
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snackin' jesus
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