sunday, may 2, 2004

sam's mailbox pictures
"I have always been intrigued by the ability of a craftsman to take a boring mailbox and make it into a thing of interest, adventure or beauty..."
madamjujujive at 11:00 pm

i believe you have my stapler?
make your own "you're the man now dog" type page at
via horkulated
quonsar at 8:20 pm

hands off anti-masturbatory gum
Chew HandzOff and keep both hands free all day!
quonsar at 7:01 pm

patriotic persuasion
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b1tr0t at 1:37 am
saturday, may 1, 2004

you touch my tra la
quonsar at 11:39 pm

note: 49 megabyte quicktime movie
crunchland at 10:58 pm

arc buster
crunchland at 10:24 pm

aspartame kills
"Adolph Hitler's Third Reich killed my grandmother and aunt at Riga and Stuthoff and millions of innocent people throughout Europe. Robert Shapiro's NutraSweet® killed my mother and has killed and/or wounded millions of innocent people in the US and abroad."
quonsar at 12:38 am

the fat-kins diet
quonsar at 12:25 am
friday, apr 30, 2004

beat tube screamers
quonsar at 4:51 pm
thursday, apr 29, 2004

fetus mart
" Your one-stop location for all your...fetussy needs. Actually, this is probably the only website in the world where you CAN get fetuses, much less ones that fit your fetussy needs. Not to mention these ones have cute lil hats, and come in jars."
dreamghost at 11:08 pm

molvania: a land untouched by modern dentistry
trondant at 12:52 am
wednesday, apr 28, 2004

human kleenex
President Bushwipe.
quonsar at 11:14 am
tuesday, apr 27, 2004

shari elf
madamjujujive at 1:11 pm

interstate signmaker
quonsar at 12:55 pm

q bbq
It's a barbecue, but not as we know it.
"Despite the claims of TV chefs, cooking al fresco is not always a pukka bundle of bish-bosh laughs."
quonsar at 12:23 am
monday, apr 26, 2004

pretty creatures
mr. crash davis at 11:41 pm

madamjujujive at 10:55 pm

the ultimate remote sex solution
quonsar at 10:11 pm