sunday, apr 25, 2004

honking sheep
madamjujujive at 6:45 pm

quonsar at 6:19 pm

stand up and holla!
the administration clearly has people working full time on the stupidity image. ok, i'll "holla": GEORGE! FUCK YOU! WORD UP!
quonsar at 1:56 pm
saturday, apr 24, 2004

mr. crash davis at 9:20 pm

a break in the road
madamjujujive at 4:13 pm

hire a hubby
"We are experiencing considerable demand for our services and need more Hubbies who can provide a quality service to our customers."
clavdivs at 2:48 pm

quonsar at 2:34 pm

nicosphere 3000
the smoking freedom of yesterday with the smoking technology of tomorrow
"Using the latest Nicological technology, the Nicosphere 3000 offers a discreet smoking environment for its user. The system has six smoking programmes, all designed to fit your busy lifestyle and has been ergonomically designed to fit either the male or female torso."
quonsar at 2:13 pm

bellydancers and harem girls
A Historical/Cheesecake Gallery
madamjujujive at 1:58 pm
friday, apr 23, 2004

cisco & ripple
quonsar at 2:09 am

the boy fitz hammond
madamjujujive at 12:28 am

quonsar at 12:17 am

fruit fly fight club
madamjujujive at 12:06 am
thursday, apr 22, 2004

in nagasaki they like bukkake
quonsar at 11:46 pm
the secret finger trick
"Tonight I hit upon a shocking anatomical secret: your fingers, if photographed in a certain close up way, are practically indistinguishable from pictures of thighs and buttocks."
madamjujujive at 9:54 pm

crochet lounge wear
valerie & eric at 9:39 pm
wednesday, apr 21, 2004

quonsar at 10:27 am

death clock cd rom
"Okay, so maybe it's a little morbid. But think about the benefits. If you know how much time you've got left, you know how long you've got to do all those things you swore you'd do before you die. Climb Everest, go swimming with dolphins, or just have more sex with more people while you can. You could even plan your own funeral."
quonsar at 12:13 am
tuesday, apr 20, 2004

the power is yours
quonsar at 11:38 pm

clavdivs at 9:07 pm
you would have to divide those police nozzles by how many poisonous manhole covers to get exactly 100 goat hives?
mr. crash davis at 8:56 pm

a state of putrifying liquifaction
"If one were to disinter a casket from a grave or mausoleum several months after burial or emtombment, it is possible that perhaps 10 to 25 gallons, or more, of liquids could be sloshing about in the casket."
quonsar at 5:51 pm

my own self
madamjujujive at 5:48 pm