sunday, mar 14, 2004
one way boat ticket for one nigger to africa
shelldrake at 10:38 pm
the bovine rectal palpation simulator project
"Bovine rectal palpation is a difficult procedure for veterinary students to learn and requires considerable practice to accurately identify structures. The majority of teaching takes place on farms with veterinary surgeons but it is increasingly difficult to ensure all students develop skills adequately by the time of graduation. This is partly due to the increased number of students in each year and reduced access to cows. Additionally, when a student is examining a cow the teacher is unable to observe what the student is palpating and the student may not be able to describe their hand position inside the cow."
quonsar at 9:44 pm

carpet skates
anathema at 2:17 am

modding your cat
anathema at 2:12 am
random masturbation synonym generator
anathema at 2:07 am

madamjujujive at 1:47 am
thursday, mar 11, 2004
how i cured my own bipolar disorder
"Believe it or not, I cured my own bipolar disorder and I was seriously fucked up. I believe that if I can do it, you can too. It is a very simple cure detailed in four parts which you can reach by following the links below. Also I suggest smoking pot."
quonsar at 12:37 pm
wednesday, mar 10, 2004

an angry cat being sprayed by a victorian girl
clavdivs at 11:51 pm
tuesday, mar 9, 2004

dick cream
madamjujujive at 11:02 pm

monkey pops
melinika at 2:33 am

badgers? badgers? we don't need no stinking badgers!
1.1 meg quicktime movie
one of many clips from the primary internet resource for references to stinking badges.
melinika at 2:12 am
monday, mar 8, 2004

puppet terrors
promopuppet! at 9:06 pm

beelzebub at 2:46 pm

ugly bass
"a place for those who love the low end"
quonsar at 1:12 am