sunday, sep 21, 2003

darling pet monkey
mr. crash davis at 11:45 pm
pet cock
mr. crash davis at 11:29 pm

madamjujujive at 11:21 pm

madamjujujive at 10:23 pm

mr. crash davis at 7:33 pm
true grit moon over moose shower curtain
shower your moose in total privacy.
quonsar at 3:30 am
scrub your cantaloupe
wax on. wax off.
quonsar at 3:30 am

the geometry of melons
"A watermelon is ellipsoid-shaped at first glance, kind of like a stretched-out sphere. However, close inspection of the cross-section reveals that the cross-section is not a perfect circle, but a circle stretched out into a triangle-like shape."
quonsar at 3:17 am

the show rat
madamjujujive at 3:12 am
homeland security cultural bureau
"HSCB is a revolutionary non-governmental organization that will be working side by side with the Office of Homeland Security to monitor and provide advice in matters that tie Homeland Security to issues of culture. Thus far, the Bureau has been involved largely on the East and West Coast, consulting, advising, and investigating the practices of insititutions, organizations, and corporations which sponsor, exhibit or fund high and low cultural productions. Because we are not under the direct authority of the Federal Government, we have a lot of flexibility and room to manuever. We derive our authority by virtue of our board members and founders, which include key figures like the Director of the Office of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and Attorney General John Ashcroft."
quonsar at 1:15 am

the hotpants that rocked the nation
clavdivs at 12:40 am

beware of those restroom rooskies
clavdivs at 12:32 am

wood on bone
"a very efficacious sound."
quonsar at 12:24 am

use mum on sanitary towels and be free from any possible embarrassment.
madamjujujive at 12:09 am
saturday, sep 20, 2003
magnetic bird poop
"In theory there are bird-scouts who patrol the neighborhood looking for recently cleaned cars. When they spot one, they notify the troops and begin target practice until they hit it a few times. With the decoy terds, they will think another bird beat them to it and pass it by:-)"
quonsar at 11:56 pm

yodeling hankies
madamjujujive at 11:53 pm

lovin' lamb
"Lovin Lamb Blow Up Doll - Luvin' Lamb comes complete with a sample pillow pak of Spanish Fly, and she features a rear entry opening for quick and easy access..."
quonsar at 11:07 pm

whycry® baby crying analyzer
"You’ve paced the room, and rocked the cradle, you’ve tried feeding, burping and changing - but the baby is still crying and one of the most distressing aspects, especially for first time parents, is that you just don’t know why."
quonsar at 10:49 pm
thursday, sep 18, 2003

phear him
"little al, of the f.b.i."
and watch out for the beaver!
quonsar at 11:05 pm

old men crying
"Yes, those tears. Those somewhat scary male tears."
madamjujujive at 9:27 pm

mad lovers
amberglow at 9:09 pm

german birth control
melinika at 9:03 pm

das ist middelfart und das ist das gymnasium
melinika at 9:00 pm
wednesday, sep 17, 2003

quonsar at 9:43 pm
tuesday, sep 16, 2003

nanospore four
madamjujujive at 10:06 pm

madamjujujive at 9:53 pm

madamjujujive at 9:16 pm

di katz der payats
quonsar at 3:59 pm

hamster for
quonsar at 2:04 pm
monday, sep 15, 2003

mr. crash davis at 9:42 pm

mr. crash davis at 9:18 pm
world famous beaver liquors
mr. crash davis at 8:42 pm
beaverton quick lube presents grand opening prizes
clavdivs at 8:41 pm

leptor the scalar at 6:23 pm

mr. crash davis at 2:57 am
dubya's flying pretzel
mr. crash davis at 1:30 am
isabel poopy
"The Big Poop"
dubya poopy
"The Little Shit"
mr. crash davis at 12:31 am