sunday, jul 20, 2003

read my boobs
warning: boobs
galumphus lert at 10:39 pm

konichi wa!
madamjujujive at 9:36 pm

man with h.i.v. looking for friends
"I just made this page to let people know not to meet girls on the internet, if a girl will meet a guy from the internet she is obviously crazy, and can't get guys in normal life."
of course, if a guy can't find friends in real life...
mr. crash davis at 7:53 pm
saturday, jul 19, 2003

clingfree at 11:47 pm
friday, jul 18, 2003

this just makes me want to slap someone
madamjujujive at 10:02 pm
thursday, jul 17, 2003

power tools
insomnyuk at 4:32 pm
dermatology in the cinema
Home of the Skinnies Awards!
"As a dermatologist and a film buff, I've found a series of skin conditions featured in movies. All of the films listed are readily available on home video. Peruse at your leisure and let me know what you think. You may look at movies in a new way."
clint zitpicker at 1:44 pm

richard & willie
pretty generic at 1:30 pm

save a piggie
mr. crash davis at 1:22 pm

freedom fighters come in many shapes
"We try to give them trouble whenever they ask for our Social Security numbers or our photo IDs, but that just means we get ulcers and miss our flights, while the rest of the cattle standing there waiting for the line to move won’t even make eye contact, let alone thank us for trying."
professor seditious at 1:12 pm
save tonsils
Should we sacrifice the vital organs such as Tonsils only because of Streptococci??!!
"Never in the history of medicine have so many physicians owed so much economic security to a single operation as tonsillectomy. -Lyman Richards, Quoted in The New York Times, 1953."
dr. popsicle at 1:02 pm

write better emails. make more moneys.
mrs. mabel mamumbi at 12:56 pm

silence of the lambs: the musical
melinika at 12:52 pm
tuesday, jul 15, 2003
harlot's quickie tribute to leigh bowery
In the absurdist nocturnal carnival of celebrated and exaggerated marginality that was the world of underground club culture in the early '80s all freaks were not created equal. Amidst the flurry and fury of drama queens and fashion fiends, some, such as Leigh Bowery, stood out above and beyond the rest of the pansies and posers.
madamjujujive at 10:18 pm
index of /opendir
madamjujujive at 9:55 pm

l'escargot - la chanson
madamjujujive at 9:48 pm