sunday, mar 23, 2003
true life 1940s era comics
"The 1940s are considered the Golden Age of comic books. What started out as selling reprinted Sunday comic strips, became a new field of publishing in the 1930s as original comics became the standard. Superhero comics became all the rage after the 1938 introduction of Superman in Action Comics and the 1939 appearance of Batman in Detective Comics. By 1941, superhero titles had inundated the comic book market. When the editors at Parent's Magazine noticed the proliferation of comic titles, they decided it was time to publish something educational."
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sadaam hussein's head on a silver platter
"Silver platter not included"
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around the world
not work safe. not dishwasher safe. not safe for use on humans or pets. not safe for browsers. not safe for eyes. we told you so.
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saturday, mar 22, 2003

double toe jam safari
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test your knowledge of goat anatomy
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i had a weird dream
an experimental film
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thursday, mar 20, 2003

ok, you've found a suspicious stain
"The suspicion of infidelity can have a corrosive effect on a relationship. When the only evidence of infidelity is a stain, it's best to find out for sure."
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mushroom towers under construction
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mitre 4 cylinder ball sack
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milky the marvelous milking cow
"It's a cow, see. And you give it a bucket of water and it drinks it. And then you use your fingers to pull on the rubber udders which issues forth a substance that looks a lot like white cloudy water."
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sponsor a soldier in saddam's republican guard
"Your sponsee will never know who sponsored him. He'll just know he has a friend in America who cares. For a one-time charge of only $8.00 (delivery charge included), we'll send a REAL, white, tattered Surrender Flag (and an "I Give Up" button) right to the Presidential Palace in -- you guessed it -- Baghdad! (As long as it remains a viable postal address, that is.) That's less than 35 cents per day, or the cost of a Starbucks latte per week."
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wednesday, mar 19, 2003

welcome to wolfhazmat
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monster cards
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