sunday, feb 23, 2003

a trip to the moon
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1960's japanese record jacket gallery
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no milk today
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benny hill
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shave by nordicshave
"For men who enjoy being shaved and enjoy watching other men being shaved."
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double takes
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saturday, feb 22, 2003

dreams of space - space art in children's books 1950's to 1970's
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feel the love
note: 4.5 meg quicktime movie
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surfing rabbi: a kabbalistic quest for soul
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i rub my duckie
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thursday, feb 20, 2003

michael jackson - mj one speakers
"the most unique MJ item of all!! The Michael Jackson "MJ ONE" 3 piece speaker system. Consists of 2 flat panel "picture frame" speakers measuring 20" by 28" by only 1.5" thick!! Yes, the pictures ARE the speakers utilizing newer NXT flat-panel technology and hang on your wall!! They are REAL HI-FI speakers-Great sound without taking up your precious floor space!!"
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NOTE! 26.5 meg quicktime movie
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colon fly-through
585k mpeg movie
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wednesday, feb 19, 2003

jane jane dried squid
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the mickey mouse gas mask
"was produced as part of the war production program. The Sun Rubber Company produced approximately 1,000 Mickey Mouse gas masks and earned an Army-Navy E for excellence in wartime production in 1944. The mask was designed for small children in a valiant attempt to give them something that would work and still be fun. Ultimately, the Office of Civil Defense bought the M2 Noncombatant Gas Mask for small children to protect them from chemical agents. In tests, with proper coaching and good salesmanship by the leader, young children could be induced to wear the gas mask for extended periods."
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ladies & teens modest christian clothing
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tuesday, feb 18, 2003

funny bunny salad
teaching children jesus (.com)
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the day i prayed with george w. bush to receive jesus!
"I slowly leaned forward and lifted the Bible that was in my hand and began to speak. "What is your relationship with Jesus"? I said. He replied, "Im not sure". "Let me ask you this question. If you died this moment do you have the assurance you would go to heaven?" "No" he replied. "Then let me explain to you how you can have that assurance and know for sure that you are saved." He replied, "I like that."
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monday, feb 17, 2003

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