sunday, feb 9, 2003

madamjujujive at 6:29 pm
automated flattery
asilhead at 5:01 pm
make a knitted willy
nika at 4:52 pm

subversive cross stitch
nika at 4:50 pm

"This carrot is totally bizarre dug it up last week could not believe my eyes It is approximately six inches long. I believe to be life size. Totally free Here friends and neighbors with this carrot. If you'd like to see any further pictures please feel free to ask. Will be shipped with proper cooling."
nika at 4:26 pm

hopalong cassidy cap gun
it has hoppy busts on the grips and says 'buck n bronc' on the frame. known to have been used by hopalong cult members in conjunction with night vision sniper scopes when hunting down those who dared stray from the trooper's creed.
a juquonsajive production at 4:04 pm

kitty blue
the inscrutable madamjujujive at 3:13 pm

the tragedy of the dodo
madamdodojive at 2:53 pm
theme park insider accident list
"Verified accidents have been reported by two sources--either a Theme Park Insider member and a published news report or official document, or two Theme Park Insider members. Are you a theme park company employee or representative? Your comments, additions or clarifications are welcomed."
mac at 2:27 pm

2003 hooters calendar
spots friend at 2:10 pm

gumby x-maz
quonsar at 12:56 am
friday, feb 7, 2003

kitty stuck!
just say yes.
pretty generic at 11:06 pm
don't blame it on the boogie
pretty generic at 11:00 pm
thursday, feb 6, 2003

bouncing belly
madamjujujive at 9:55 pm

madamjujujive at 9:45 pm
2.4 meg MPEG movie
quonsar at 8:21 pm
tuesday, feb 4, 2003

naked dave
madamjujujive at 10:10 pm

christendom and freemasonry's use of the phallus
jimbob at 8:52 pm

"A gunshot location system consists of a set of acoustic sensors distributed in an impacted community which are networked to a police dispatch center. Within a few seconds of gunfire, the location of the shot is calculated by triangulation and displayed on a computer map of the community. The dispatchers can listen to a snippet of audio data to help determine aurally if the event is gunfire. Dispatchers can then direct officers rapidly to the precise gunshot location."
trub at 6:10 pm
monday, feb 3, 2003

cat woman
mr. crash davis at 9:16 pm

inflatable church
quonsar at 6:17 pm