sunday, jan 12, 2003

richard cheese & lounge against the machine
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fries & gravy chips
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the shocking truth about those raelian clones
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saturday, jan 11, 2003
behind the music: sex, drugs and yodeling theresa
"The song "I Wanna Yodel for the LORD!" was the new spiritual beginning for Yodeling Theresa. After 20 years of alcohol and drug abuse, and several failed marriages, her willingness to go on in this life began to look bleak."
ever notice how much god likes people who do a lot of alcohol and drugs? i mean he's always talking to them...
madamjujujive at 5:16 pm
roping dummies
"Jakesteer - From the makers of the "Buford Rope-O-Matic" is the new, life-size roping dummy made of durable plastic. It comes with 2 sets of horns (24" and 34") that adjust independently to simulate different types of cattle. Used and endorsed by 7-time World Champion Jake Barnes."
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fly paper
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tuesday, jan 7, 2003

the official guide to rodent farts
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monday, jan 6, 2003

full facial prosthesis
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pets or food?
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