sunday, dec 22, 2002
stamboomprogramma voor hamsterfokkers
zoo easyŽ comes with "professionele hulpmiddel" and apparently is useful in dealing with "administratieve rompslomp".
you buy now.
quonsar at 12:43 pm
hamsters in harness
oh the sweet ties that bind! this captivating lead is sure to dominate the scene when you promenade your pet! and if excess discipline is not required, reward your obedient minion with a bit of naughty bathroom fun!
quonsar at 12:37 pm

free pickle hat
send us pictures of iguanas in pickle hats. because in the end, it's iguanas in pickle hats that make all the difference. well, actually, iguana sex is what makes the difference. but pickle hats are important too.
quonsar at 11:25 am
arol zendik had a farm
"Each ion of each crystal, each molecule of each compound that forms the chemistry of this Universe, each particle of each atom seeks and is expanding Consciousness... We of species Man are the highest manifestation of this eleMental Seek for More."
meet arol zendik, new age priestess and peter frampton impersonatrix.
samuelad at 10:59 am

disturbing old men in red coats
bdave* at 10:33 am

gender bending
madamjujujive at 10:21 am

sir george at 10:04 am
saturday, dec 21, 2002

gameboy shoes
madamjujujive at 8:10 am

huggy jesus
madamjujujive at 8:06 am
this christmas, santa's elves have a different plan...
madamjujujive at 8:03 am
wednesday, dec 18, 2002

madamjujujive at 9:07 pm

madamjujujive at 8:49 pm
tuesday, dec 17, 2002

japanese cannibal nipple babies
pretty generic at 9:08 pm

quonsar at 8:35 pm

elite force LAPD law enforcement patrol officer west
looks like the real deal
"With custom expression mechanism."
flabdablet at 8:24 pm
monday, dec 16, 2002

quonsar at 10:13 pm
no giant sea sparrow is known to be endangered by the eating habits of goats.
quonsar at 9:59 pm

little shrill voices
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quonsar at 9:32 pm
would you believe: a company called fantasy entertainment with an address on big beaver road and an agent named peter short?
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