sunday, dec 1, 2002

dilbert p. whatkiss demonstrates calypso sanding
note: 5 meg quicktime movie
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stupid human noises
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arse or elbow?
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fairly non-descript genderless person for?
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chicken wire mother
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friday, nov 29, 2002
babs blaine: the key to all your real estate needs
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dream anatomy
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ghettokylning av hårddisk
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teazle mary w/ baby jesus
"Teazle Folk are fashioned from the Teazle plant seed heads gathered from along the West Virginia country roadsides. These seed heads are given miniature bodies and then crafted into various characters with different careers and roles."
madamjujujive at 9:38 pm
meat or accident?
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gang hand signs
this one means "don't be messin' with that superglue, homey."
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thursday, nov 28, 2002

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olle-yngve marley
"I will now tell you about how I came to be and my life story up to now. I was born in 1976 in Stockholm, Sweden. My mother a beautiful swedish woman name Siv Gustafsson. My father is believe it or not, Bob Marley. You may ask yourself how that is possible? Well I tell you."
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double trouble in little kista
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catch michael jacksons kid
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i want to help others experiment sexually after my death
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decapitation grid
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poppa hoo mow mow
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tuesday, nov 26, 2002

get your cotton candy
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the importance of proper font choice
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monday, nov 25, 2002
the body of me who do not mind the blooming place never misses you.
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computer hissy fit
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garbage pail kids
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toiletology (.com)
madamjujujive at 10:02 pm

spy agent hummer with video camera & color surveillance remote
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