sunday, nov 3, 2002

you look like shit. i guarantee it.
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personal computer security
"One of the greatest fears computer owners face is the risk of someone breaking into their home and stealing their investment. Most criminals will not steal what they are unable to carry. If you make your computer so heavy that it is extremely difficult to lift, the risk of it being stolen is greatly reduced."
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mrs. michael jackson's forehead is 13% smaller than lisa marie presley's at age nine
"A child of nine, dazed by grief over the sudden death of her famous father, is whisked from an idyllic life in America to the obscurity of a comfortable exile in Scandinavia... gradually, pictures began to appear of an impostor, a young woman claiming to be Lisa Marie. Her public hijinks and questionable antics, and a circus-like marriage to controversial entertainment legend and paparazzi favorite, Michael Jackson, led millions of loyal fans of the late Elvis to question that this person could be his real daughter."
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homemade costumes
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now i don't feel so bad
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i was walking through thompkins square park, minding my own business and drinking coffee. you (small midget, mid 40's, maybe 3 or 4 feet tall, female) went flying by me running a zillion miles an hour screaming god knows what at the top of your lungs.
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water computing
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gynecomastia in men
why good men get bad boobs
"The term comes from the Greek words gyne meaning "woman" and mastos meaning "breast." In practical terms, this means abnormally large breasts on men."
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women on brown paper bags
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saturday, nov 2, 2002

implosion world
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to heart
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the elephant page
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wednesday, oct 30, 2002

create your own unique cactus farm!
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full body scan
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the cutie bunch friendly pal pack
meet Happy Flower Rainbow Bunny Nice and Cheerful Sunshine Muffin Panda.
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happy-time blow-job bib
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tuesday, oct 29, 2002

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x-reflect goggles™
X-RAY Vision. See through clothes. These Goggles can see through some type of materials making it possible to see through clothes that in the same condition cannot be seen by the naked eye."
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even worst halloween costumes
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pimp daddy halloween costume
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homer simpson talking beer opener
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monday, oct 28, 2002

brain & heart gelatin molds
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