sunday, oct 6, 2002

fiona smyth
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shaye saint john (.com)
shaye saint first obtains an unassailable position of lunacy, from which it dominates the genre. it proscribes a benchmark weirdness by which all future bla will yadda three times! see for yourself!
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i'm not a doctor, but, uh, i just know that it shouldn't look like pet food down there.
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anti-hippy action league
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saturday, oct 5, 2002

meet gypsy the red chihuahua
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googlefight: george bush versus shit
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actual cat skull (handpainted)
"We buried a cat in our back yard about 15 years ago. Then, recently, our dog dug up the bones. My husband got the skull and painted it!! It is hideous!!!!!!! I hate it!!!"
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jammin' johns (.com)
music to your rear
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new car accessory helping student get laid
"Carl has asserted his dominance over competing males with the loud, masculine sound from his exhaust system. Females searching for a potential mate will be driven away by weaker exhaust systems... like bullfrogs in the wild, the powerful sound will attract breeding females to Carl's vehicle"
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latin phrases for all occasions
a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants
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hard boiled thoughts
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thursday, oct 3, 2002

the international edible book festival gallery tasty samples
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booger flinging bee killer
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lamer logs (.com)
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american crusade 2001+ trading cards
god doubleplus bless america!
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wednesday, oct 2, 2002

doll paper
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monday, sep 30, 2002

tacky treasures (.com)
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the story of creation for the mtv generation
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biro web porn
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lobster sticks to magnet
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wendy's stalking techniques
"How to pursue the guy you adore but are unable to deal with on an adult level"
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forgotten electronics of the 70s and 80s
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tattoo baby dolls
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masturbate for peace (.com)
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proper use of english
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wall rugs best quality 100% cotton sizes 5ft x 3ft
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gothic drag and drop
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