sunday, jun 23, 2002

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get paid to look at porn!
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nudes masked (.com)
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bizarre record covers
"Images of strange & beautiful vinyl record sleeves from all times & places."
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you bite a huge chunk out of your cellmate's oozing blue flesh, your intestines churn, and a strange noise erupts from the depths of your stomach.
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i do shoes
"Your wedding day will be perfect - you'll be beautiful & radiant. You've picked the perfect dress, flowers and groom and you'll be surrounded by people who love you. You'll also be on your feet all day. Why be miserable in heels? Why spend your honeymoon nursing aching feet?"
madamjujujive at 9:43 am more yanky my wanky, the donger need food!
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super orgy porno party
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dog in a coat
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every so often, an industry will experience a technological breakthrough that revolutionizes the way it operates.
"In order to achieve such a breakthrough, the new technology must out perform the old, it must introduce new efficiency never before known, and it must save money. The Flowbee Precision Haircutting System is just such a breakthrough... Using the suction power of your vacuum cleaner, the FLOWBEE draws the hair evenly into the recessed blades and cuts it precisely. The results should be a refreshing haircut."
after a hard night at the YMCA there's nothing like a nice refreshing haircut. so remember, flowbee-lips - don't forget to trim that 'stache!
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saturday, jun 22, 2002
korean arse shooter
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ride the fence
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big legged women, fat bottomed girls & thunder thighs
"She got great big legs, she got wanton thighs
Big Fat Woman got wanton thighs
Ev'ry time she moves, make my temp'rature rise"

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friday, jun 21, 2002
villain supply (.com)
"Terrorist fanatic and FBI Dream Date OSAMA BIN LADEN is March's CUSTOMER OF THE MONTH. Seen here sporting his new MARK VII EXO-ARMOR, Mr. Bin Laden says, 'Thanks to VillainSupply, now I can scheme against the American Zionist Pig-dogs from my new orbital station, SPACE PLATFORM K-ALLAH. Good-bye Afghanistan, hello near-Earth orbit! Die American running-dog lackeys!'"
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introducing monday
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gene, paul, ace and peter come to life in your living room
"Make them dance! Make them sing! Make them play their cardboard cutout guitars!"
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thursday, jun 20, 2002
jacky. judy.
someone should introduce them.
thanks hugh!
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morto the magician
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[insert_name] when he's alone at night
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bitch stole my html
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armed with the warranties and technical support that come with her license meg feels more powerful than ever
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wednesday, jun 19, 2002

guardians of the north
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who's we
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dogs in the news (.com)
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the coney island pages
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cuntzilla: feminism for everyone!
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12,15,16,18 weeks micropreemie in apples and mugs
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oh the socks...
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don't get caught up a tree without your spare bladder.
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armed females of america (.com)
Pro-Gun Women on Full-Auto
"We’re stepping forward to take a patriotic stand against a tyrannical government, against fascist politicians, against a biased media, and against liberal groups who are intent on stealing our Birthrights. We can hold our heads up high, look them in the eye and say, Don’t you dare get in our way, because pride, honor, and truth will prevail!"
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tuesday, jun 18, 2002

queen mum we love you
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lightning on demand
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historical swamp buggy racing photos
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accept jesus christ as your personal savior before january 1, 2003 and receive a free digital phone!
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monday, jun 17, 2002
take aim
madamjujujive at 10:09 pm
"calculate how much your poo is really worth !! We'll take some figures from you, then time how long your poo takes. With a bit of magic we'll then tell you how much your employer has just payed you for that anal expression"
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