sunday, apr 14, 2002

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happy woman magazine
we think so you don't have to!
"quizzes, tips, tricks and advice on everything from making your child a star to your guy's most secret thoughts! Learn how to prevent your kidneys from being stolen, find out what your eyebrows say about you and take another look at your grout."
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palpatia, distendia and bain.
oh my.
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pluto cops a feel
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lsd blotter art gallery
"Black market LSD blotter generally bears art or a design printed on the paper. The paper is then perforated into individual "tabs" or "hits" approximately 1/4 in. x 1/4 in. Following are images of more than 60 blotter samples showing various designs and art."
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the macro anthropomorphic animals and other giant beasts in cartoons page
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found: the longest bird penis ever
"North American scientists have discovered the longest bird penis ever - a 42.5cm organ belonging to a duck. "It's a fascinating bit of anatomy they've discovered here. It really is unusual," commented bird mating expert Dr Raoul Mulder."
aerodynamically speaking, it looks to be a total disaster. i hope he clears those power lines...
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yo bitch! dis is netmaster 10baseT pingin' yo sorry ass, and i want y'all to know that i'm on the muthafuckin case. word!
[boom chicka wap wap widget widget widget]
I be jackin'. I be crimpin'.
I be tracin'. I be pingin'
I be routin' yo packets like a Cisco
I'm gonna grease yo cables with Crisco."

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screwing my wife
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global worming
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and remember son, you can always have your old job back here at the jiffylube™ if this music thing doesn't work out
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performing dog dog show
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sweet street feet (.com)
"This is a site about going barefoot, spending your life barefoot, going everywhere barefoot, getting black soles going barefoot and looking gorgeous doing it!"
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god hates figs (.com)
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frog guts
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beautifully restored gynaecological chairs
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saturday, apr 13, 2002
man's first discovery was fire, his first invention was a way to make it
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fat chick photo of the week
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thursday, apr 11, 2002
haxor translator
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it really really stinks bad and it really does look like crap
"We didn't taste it but we have also never tasted crap either."
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wednesday, apr 10, 2002
vintage 1930's harley davidson
a piece of history
"We have found this beautiful 1930's Original Harley Davidson Sidecar setup. Most likely the only one left on this planet. There's lots of history behind this beautiful setup. The complete unit was manufactured by Harley Davidson around 1930/1931 and subsequently sent to Italy by the U.S. Army right before WWII. Since then it has been meticulously cared for and is now in absolut original, unrestored and almost perfect condition."
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the wildlife art of radar o'reilly
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my name is jeff, and i live in new jersey, usa.
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wacky japanese inventions
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baby jesus doll (.com)
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matchstick cats
"I was excited to test burn a cat, so a couple weeks before the party I sprayed one with a heavy coat of 3M Super77 spray adhesive and sprinkled it liberally with matchsticks. I think about 400 matches stuck to the cat. Mike struck a match and lit the cat's shoulder... It burned entirely, reduced to a balled-up, horrifying little cat-cinder. Oh! This was going to be good!"
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harlem trunk show
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3 free panties from frederick's of hollywood & delphi forums
stupid spam of the day
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tuesday, apr 9, 2002
russian prison tattoos
"The Russian prison population is one of the largest in the world. From the mid-1960's to the 1980's, thirty-five million people were incarcerated, and of those, twenty to thirty million were tattooed."
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toga! toga! toga!
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the only thing worse than a bigot is a bigot in a party hat with a lollipop
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monday, apr 8, 2002
hansi: the girl who loved the swastika
"Now before taking off, Hansi's bedraggled mom reminds her "don't ever forget Jesus." Nonetheless, by the time Hansi's on the train, she wouldn't recognize Jesus if he were sitting next to her, still pinned to his sticks. Hansi ends up as some kind of Gestapo Candy Striper, taunting injured German soldiers. "I lost MY ideals when I lost my eyes on the Russian front." says one poor kid. "We are nothing," snaps back Hansi, cheerfully, "The Reich is everything!"
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To whom it may concern:

My name is Devin Roberts, and I am the IT Services Director of A/E Technologies, Inc., the parent company of Church Plans For Less.Com. Please remove the link to and all other Church Plans For Less.Com copy written [sic] material from you [sic] web site.

Church Plans For Less.Com ,LLC and A/E Technologies, Inc. feel that your website does not coincide with our image that we wish to convey to the general public.

Please have our material removed by April 11, 2002 by 5:00 pm CST in order to prevent any legal action by Church Plans For Less.Com.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Devin P. Roberts
IT Services Director
A/E Technologies, Inc.
TEL: (317) 356-7676
FAX: (317) 356-6120

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low class is better than no class at all
"When we here at CheesyLights! talk about "Cheesy" lights, we're not talkin' yer Brie or Camembert kinda cheesy... We're talkin' good old squirt from a can, slather it on a cracker and stick it in yer craw, American kinda Cheesy! And selection?..... How about approximately 150 different light sets in stock fer your ordering pleasure!"
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les femmes fatale
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gynecare thermachoice uterine balloon therapy system
"does not require hospitalization or general anesthesia. A procedure using THERMACHOICE requires only a local aesthetic (with an intravenous sedative if indicated.)"
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clergy abuse tracker
what kind of filthy pervert would abuse clergy?!?!?!
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cat racing, cat racing
cat racing, cat racing
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the double yolker
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who wants to smoke my honeybear?
shelldrake at 7:38 pm

like stomp. on a teleprompter.
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you can honk but you can't hide
"Diana is prepared to destroy in her sexy short skirt, bare legs, and black spiked platforms with clear tops. Her feet look so lovely, perfectly pedicured with red toenail polish, it is hard to believe they could be so destructive! Car after plastic car is smashed to pieces under her spiked shoes."
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master e tube
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