sunday, feb 24, 2002
normal perineal anatomy
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burning coals, molten substances
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pot smokin' jesus
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the octopus hat left in anger
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the make up bell is ringing, let the make up sex begin!
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errorwear: embrace your computer problems
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do the twist
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george costanza had one upon exiting the pool
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gallery of eccentrics
thanks and a tip o' the blortbeanie to marty at wordforge
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majorcan style brains
"Calves' brains cooked in a major way - Majorcan style. Braised with vinegar and chicken stock, then baked in an egg cream. Be smart - try brains. You just might fall in love."
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spank your inner monkee
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olympic freestyle snow peeing
"Olympic snow peeing consists of two events: the freestyle competition and the 30K Pee and Ski. The freestyle competition allows teams to display a full range of technical skill and inventiveness with artistry to music of their own choosing. The first two rounds are compulsories, in which each pee-er must form a pre-determined figure in the snow. These figures are carefully guarded secrets but are usually the name of a historic figure and a witty saying like "Eat Me."
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saturday, feb 23, 2002

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dela and ort of a down
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art by psychotics
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get licked at
"Brandy is a very unique breed of "BOXER", born in 1995 along with her sister Mazzy. Her color and posture even as a pup was perfect, her AKC blood-line "Flawless" and her intelligence "Remarkable". Only one thing...her Tongue was already Adult-like at birth, at first we thought she would just grow into it but as she grew her tongue also did (Appx 17" Long)."
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salvador dali puzzle
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hot boots (.com)
"This is the web site for the man who loves BOOTS . . .the man who enjoys wearing them for work and for play . . . and who likes to look at them and talk about them, too! These pages are designed primarily to entertain and inform BOOTMEN, but everyone is welcome to come on in, look around and enjoy whatever interests them."
madamjujujive at 10:23 pm
eye for god: bert bowden cosmetic and reconstructive eye surgery
"Eye for God is a Christian, Caring, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgical Practice dedicated to enhancing beauty and restoring function for all those whom the Lord sends for Care."
other eye doctors could leave you blind, but with jesus himself guiding the scalpel, as seen in this specially commissioned oil painting, if anything goes wrong you can rest assured that you heartily deserve blindness, you filthy sinning swine.
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jewels of the blue dragon
"The girls we have on our site are to our knowledge very sincere in their desire to meet and marry a 'foreigner'... I speak from first hand experience. My wife spoke only 5 words of English when we met, but she knew by observation what I liked and disliked. I have never been better taken care of, by anyone. And these girls are almost all fabulous cooks and housekeepers, friends & mothers."
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xxx hardcore jesus action! xxx
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the spam diaries
all spam, all the time, always fresh!
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prendickle til gargly bistles bud,
because jimpunk visits the morgue.
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weber 758098 22 1/2-inch one-touch gold charcoal kettle--the simpsons 10th anniversary limited edition grill
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analyiah's jakota/7 tru luv page
what would the web be without geocities? where else would janwey get a dawg that poops 2 much?
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the intelligent solution for the modern woman.
"The V-brace™ panty is fully adjustable for maximum support in the front and in the back. The straps are inserted into the loops and fastened securely with the velcro tabs. The cross elastic straps are threaded through our exclusive double padded crotch where the straps cross each other to provide the best support for the entire vaginal area."
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keep america beautiful
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enforce her innocence
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procrastination (.com)
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my name is mitch but my freinds call me "the gunn" because i work my guitar like a dangerose weapon!!!
"In June 1995 I was nearly in an amazing fatalistic accident that has touched my life in a way I never thought possible. I was walking to class in a rainstorm and all of a sudden BAM some lightning bolt comes flying down to a puddle next to me. It was at that precice moment I relaized I need to strive for my full potential as a musician for we do not know when our preciously short lives might be squandered. Rock and Roll!!!"
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goatstock 2001
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stephanie's stopover
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem
"I was told to 'Stay out of my closet!!' So I went and bought several new outfits. The first few sets of pictures are outfits are what I bought. I am getting better with framing the pictures. I tried something different by taking a picture of me looking in the mirror. Well, it almost worked."
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victoria's got a secret
she hangs out with angels and ufo's follow her around. she discovered a portal tube to another dimension. and now there's this pesky cranial penetrating lens flare stalking her. how fortunate that she has plenty of her healing cd's in stock.
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thursday, feb 21, 2002
k-man's homepage
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kaleidoscope painter
shelldrake at 9:33 pm
if god hadn't wanted us to eat potted meat food product, he wouldn't have given us partially defatted cooked pork fatty tissue.
"Who in our god-fearing, beef-inhaling populace would disagree? We are a nation of pig butchers, cow slaughterers, and chicken decapitators. We slice, dice, and tenderize, no questions asked. And there is no item dearer to our hearts than the one in the little can with the big taste.
meaty madamjujujive at 8:08 pm
i married the berlin wall
"I am objectùm-sexual that is to be sexually and emotionally attracted to objects; in my case The Berlin-Wall and other constructions. I am married to the Berlin Wall (and have been since 1979). Hence my married name (Berliner-Mauer), which means Berlin Wall in German.
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how udderly bovine.
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wednesday, feb 20, 2002

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women and dogs
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puppy bowling
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when will tyson bite again? (.com)
when will oj kill again? (.com)
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death metal karaoke
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we built a parallel port onto a dartboard.
"We connected the dartboard to an old laptop, which we call the dartboard server. The dartboard server has a wireless network card. The end result is a dartboard with its own IP address and a wireless connection to the Internet."
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really big feet (.com)
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the framley examiner personals
"man dressed as snail, GSOH, likes classical music, WLTM woman dressed as patio. No smokers, yes."
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tuesday, feb 19, 2002
bio-tox lifeshield™ pack
"affords a much greater chance of survival when exposed to bio-hazards, toxic fumes, gases, dusts, viruses, airborne bacteria, chemicals, and fire smoke."
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modern ferret - the ferret lifestyle magazine
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samantha stewart ferret living
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the helmet of pure thought
"This deluxe item is used to eradicate lustful thoughts from the wearer. The helmet monitors brain waves and emits a nausea-inducing low frequency when sexual thoughts are detected. The wearer can be "tempted" with images of a sexual nature by looking into a visor (sold separately)."
anti-masturbation equipment. you know you need it.
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if it's not one thing, it's another.
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family guy 12" plushies
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some asshole
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grouse have their methods of keeping bloodthirsty sheep in check
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control your weight using your home computer!
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welcome to the wonderful world of dick management
"FIKI (Fuck It–Kill It) is an extreme product of the energy of the Appetite Survival System as it merges with some of the bio-chemical impulses of testosterone. Even if you are a soldier or fighter in frequent combat, it is important to be very aware of the negative consequences of FIKI. You must be careful not to lose your humanity with casual violence. It is amusing to note, however, that men may spend the first half of their lives fighting the negative effects of testosterone and the second half trying to recover some of the vitality that waning testosterone levels no longer provide. "
madamjujujive at 6:40 pm
the church vs. dry humping
"Hello everyone. I have come to tell you all that you MUST wait until you are married before you have ANY type of sexual relations, specifically what is known as "dry humping". In case you are not familiar, "dry humping" is a dangerous new phenomena among unmarried people."
and there's lots more dangerous new phenomena to be found at!
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monday, feb 18, 2002
the best place to piss away your time on the internet
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enron owns the GOP (.com)
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gi joe: internet pigeon
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web woman magazine
"for the world wise wench."
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learning to color
madamjujujive at 4:30 pm
don't let this happen to your cat
Stop the danger. Close the seat.
"This page is memory of Minki. We miss you."
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brian may's electric nit circus
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decide where to be. then walk there.
"Mike's odometer reading as of January 2002 is 912 miles. Mike also reports an average speed of 1.78mph... with 'maximum speed of 3.2mph (that's when I have cross the street)'... In 1942, Harvey "Mike" Michael survived the Bataan Death March. Today, he is still marching in Utica, New York.This time around, Mike picks his own direction."
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hot technology
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cuss control
quonsar at 1:52 pm
a schitzo apricot stroking, pumpkin marmite mining, cinderella dangle berry sucking insult generator
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from 1990 to 2001, mr. white was employed by enron corporation and held various senior executive positions.
so what do we do when the army goes bankrupt?
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