sunday, jan 6, 2002

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what ever happened to...
"The Dave Clark 5 were probably the "loudest" British Invasion act until the arrival of the Who. The Dave Clark 5's first major hit was 1964's "Glad All Over"...the first in a long string of 17 Top 40 hits from 1964-1967! The groups hits included, "Because", "Can't You See That She's Mine", "Catch Us If You Can" from the movie "Having A Wild Weekend", "Over And Over", "Bits And Pieces" and others! The Dave Clark 5 were the second British Invasion act to appear on " The Ed Sullivan Show" ( The Beatles were the first act to do so). Their 18 appearances on the show eclipsed both "The Beatles" and "The Rolling Stones"!"
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wet and messy socks
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short haired girls
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you have cancer. you are going to die.
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jesus christ was a womun. all men go to hell.
CHRESTIANITY, the true religion founded by the womun who has gone down in history under the name of "Jesus Christ".
"The disease of maleness is carried through the diseased male Y chromosome, a truncation and crippling of the original femayle X chromosome."
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amish bondage
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ted jesus christ god explains encoded to subtle to obvious to blatant mass media messages
ted is more prolific than the usual wacko. enjoy.
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loose nuts
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we are the cork dolls
madamjujujive at 7:13 am
theory action figures
"Equipped with a copy of his outstanding Modernity and Self-Identity, this 6.5" Anthony Giddens is ready for anything. Fully poseable and with a special academic arm movement, this realistic action figure is a must for serious collectors and theory-loving kids alike."
madamjujujive at 7:10 am
do it yourself at home labia rake
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inside godzilla
So You Want to be Godzilla Well Read This...
"It's safe to say that all fans of Godilla dream of climbing inside that big rubber suit and marching majestically through a miniature city, smashing every intricate structure in sight. In fact, the job is a lot less fun than it seems, and can even be downright dangeros."
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gay google
gay poetry
gay basketball
gay weddings
gay data
gay health insurance
gay life insurance
gay games
gay universe
gay planet
gay places 2 stay
gay wide webmasters
gay sunshine
gay canada
gay agenda
gay mardi gras
gay yellow pages
gay law net
gay history
rural gay
tv gay guide
mount gay
enola gay
gayest site on the web
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female crucifixions
"When my girlfriend died in 1988,I felt in love with a dead girl, and I am having a imaginary relation with her ever since. This site is to honour her! This website is made with love and passion."
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islamic rules concerning use of the lavatory
Not simply a case of pulling down ones pants
"It is obligatory to conceal one's private parts in the toilet and at all times from adult persons even if they are one's near relatives (like mother, sister etc.) Similarly, it is obligatory to conceal one's private parts from insane persons, and from children who can discern between good and evil. However, husband and wife are exempted from this obligation. It is not necessary for a person to conceal the private parts with any definite thing, it is sufficient, if, for example, he conceals them with his hand."
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saturday, jan 5, 2002

exotic chain mail
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super serb (.com)
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diapering your monkey
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salvation dalmation
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an analysis of a supposed plesiosaur carcass netted in 1977
"On April 25, 1977, a fishing vessel was trawling for mackerel when a large animal carcass became entangled in its nets at a depth of about 1000 feet. As the massive creature, weighing about 4000 pounds, was drawn toward the ship and then hoisted above the deck, assistant production manager Michihiko Yano announced to the captain "It's a rotten whale!" However, as Yano got a better look at the creature, he became less sure. About 17 other crew members also saw the carcass, some of whom speculated that it might be a giant turtle with the shell peeled off. However, no one on board could say for sure what it was."
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help! what would you do?
"OK so I'm cruising the internet and I go to one of my favorite amateur porno sites and there is a picture of my 18 year old cousin!"
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afro-american barbie
a teenaged mother working at mcdonalds.
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"No, its cool, I've done this before on MS Flight Simulator. The looks on their faces will be priceless!"

"What a hack." thought Osama, closing his laptop and gesturing to the cabana boy for another virgin Sex on the Beach.
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"Whenever you need to slice and dice vegetables. I am there.
Whenever you need to scramble an egg still inside it's shell. I am there.
Whenever you need to shrink a watermelon to the size of an olive. I am there.
Whenever you need to make your old vinyl car top look like new. I am there.
Whenever you need 50 original hits by the original artists. I am there.
Whenever you need to proposition women on the street using a Mr. Microphone and a car radio. I am there."

i am ron popeil.
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miss cleo's livejournal
"Remember, babies... Fear is overcome by love. Or ganga."
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the future of rap music
"BAG OF HAMMERS are the future of rap music, like it or not. Certanly not you archtipical HIP HOP superheros, DAVEY GRAVEY and FLYHEAD, collectively know as BAG OF HAMMERS, have decided to do the world a favor and infiltrate "the game" . Their mission: to do for RAP music, what bleach does to clothes."
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chia head cam
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exceptionally long hair
note: dog on left
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blue eyed mammi
-:-FiYaH bLuE eYez 4 Da NiGgAz-:-
"Wassup? Well dis is me and if u feelin it and u got a pic hit me up and lemme see what u workin wit yanno and last but not least diz goez to da ao-femalez dat fake da funk DO NOT STEAL MY PHOTOZ aightz ima warn ya'll only once i gotz mo den just dis and if i find out u jackin my shit den ima put you on front street 4 real im sure you pretty inside and out just dont be someone you not 4 real dat iggz me and 2 da ni99az dat think say i am just cuz some female gave u one of deez photoz i have more 4 u 2 see but if u accuse me of sumthin like bein fake den i mite have 2 go off on ya azz as well ;o) b e-z-:-"
translation: i am an ignorant clueless putz.
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my first thought was of shari lewis
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liking long fingernails on men
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[mirror site]
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so we were all over at bill gates' doing bong hits and hanging out on his giant couch and then i'm all, "dude, why are you so pushy?"
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uberpaki (.com)
"Now you've seen my ass. Glad you visited, eh?"
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this one time at clown camp...
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active denial technology
"active denial technology uses a transmitter to send a narrow beam of energy towards an identified subject. Traveling at the speed of light, the energy reaches the subject and penetrates less than 1/64 of an inch into the skin, quickly heating up the skin’s surface. Within seconds, an individual feels an intense heating sensation that stops when the transmitter is shut off or when the individual moves out of the beam."
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thursday, jan 3, 2002
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i died, i died and i
went up to heaven

the wine is good
the chicks are cute

madamjujujive at 10:39 pm

gallery of huge beings
madamjujujive at 10:22 pm
I am 79% evil.

Wow! I'm almost pure evil! Sin is my way of life. If there is a hell I have packed my bags for the trip.
Are you evil?

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pavement terror
"a few years ago I had a delivery job... It was very boring and badly paid but I soon found a way of livening it up. I discovered that the van I had to drive could very easily be persuaded to produce very loud, frightening backfires as and when I wanted it to and as I've always been keen on photography, I tried an experiment. I mounted a camera, pointing backwards, from the back window of the van... and operated it with a cable-release long enough to be operated whilst driving. I would make the van backfire and photograph the frightened mayhem I'd created as I drove past."
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l@@k! one of a kind penis flute!
shelldrake at 6:04 pm

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scream until your lungs bleed
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cute angels
bad designers.
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desiccated liver and me
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wednesday, jan 2, 2002
cunt rocks
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california's velcro crop under challenge
"Velcro®, an engineered crop, consists of two distinct strains: hooks and loops. As any user of Velcro knows, a strip of hooks clings to a strip of loops as the springy hook-shaped fibers latch through tiny but firm loops. Gentle pressure allows the hook strip to be pulled from the loop strip. The user may repeat the process time and again, making this product a convenient, versatile replacement for zippers, buttons, snaps, laces, and other forms of fastener in wide-ranging applications. California's climate and soil conditions make the state an ideal venue for and successful producer of both strains of Velcro. For obvious reasons, of course, the hook strain must be grown in fields separated from those with the loop strain."
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top results for: "oops i think i farted again"
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tuesday, jan 1, 2002

it's my party and i'll die if i want to
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daily photos
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i'm da pimp respect me... and my man nelly...
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the league of non aligned modelers
On The Lunatic Fringe Of Model Railroading
"may contain graphic violence, harsh language, sexual situations and partial nudity - oh boy!!!!"
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if i can no longer suckle black juju with jesus in the modified serpent tractor of unspeakable horrors then clearly the terrorists have already won
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duck love
Once you go Quack you never go back
"Welcome to the first site on the net devoted purely to the carnal love of ducks... Browse the pictures, listen to the sounds of ducks getting it on, and have a good time. Remember. Fuck a Duck for Luck. You won't regret it..."
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madamjujujive at 7:21 pm
gary glitter onstage with the who
"Zak Starkey, son of Beatle Ringo Starr, played drums... Guitarist Pete Townshend has poor hearing... and singer Roger Daltrey wore an eye-patch after Gary Glitter clobbered him with a microphone stand during a rehearsal."
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momolicca 2000
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below is some clients we have worked in the past & present with on there online internet presence.
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osama bin doggy dog
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does your computer suck?
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the page cannot be fucking displayed
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connoisseurs of cock: a thinking woman's guide to schlong in the new millennium
"You see him at a party: quiet, intense and handsome - he easily stands out from the other guys. You find your eyes travel down his impressive frame toward the package. Is he a growR or a showR? What can you understand about his penis size, based on the less important facet- his personality? Why bother wasting an intelligent conversation and kitty cat sex appeal on what will eventually prove to be a genital dwarf?"
madamjujujive at 12:57 pm
way cool!
madamjujujive at 12:46 pm

the full ver-monty
madamjujujive at 12:24 pm
jesus christ vampire hunter
"The first testament says 'an eye for an eye.' The second testament says 'love thy neighbour.' The third testament... KICKS ASS!"
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kids in combat
"In the past God has used donkeys. (He spoke through the mouth of one once), and Jesus rode a baby donkey, not the mother donkey, but the baby donkey into Jerusalem. God spoke out of a bush once, and He parted the Red Sea with a stick. So if God can speak through donkeys and bushes and part the sea with a stick, He can certainly use kids."
madamjujujive at 11:50 am
queen pin deluxe (.com)
"Queenpin Deluxe proudly presents the tawdry art of Kirsten Easthope. The work you will see is done on 100% genuine bowling pins, acquired from the best alleys around the world. Each pin has been rescued from a terrible life of abuse, and lovingly restored and adorned with a naughty beauty from the past."
madamjujujive at 11:26 am
monday, dec 31, 2001
sounds of pasta
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