sunday, dec 30, 2001
let the bodies hit the floor
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computer closet collection
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me and my monkey in 32 locations
madamjujujive at 9:09 pm
a nexus of websites, archives, forums and chatrooms for the sternutory fetishist
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butt for you (.com)
people DO notice...
"No 'butts' about it... the outside package is what gets noticed first. You can do a lot for your pecs, biceps and abs - but when it comes to your glutes you can only go so far."
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fairy wings (.com)
quonsar at 8:31 pm
visitors observe felines in odd positions
madamjujujive at 8:24 pm
ferrets: a selective overview of issues and options
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det r fnigt att sabba sidoscrollen din jvla bverjvel! ses! spring och gm dig i din mammas pung nu!
don't you be talking about my mammas pung nu.
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question 14: after borning my first child, my wife's vegina is so loose. i am not satisfied with her tightness. how I satisfy with tight?
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him whose penis never slept
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ass morpher
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rest home fighter
madamjujujive at 1:39 am
how many ways do i love thee? sextrigintillion.
madamjujujive at 1:03 am
nutritional value of various insects per 100 grams
important information for dieters.
madamjujujive at 1:00 am
two points
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saturday, dec 29, 2001
happy the cat
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gay focker's got kuk
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a gallery of street lights used round the world
the web hath made my life complete! i am WHOLE!!!!
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coin operated electric chair
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ant city!
madamjujujive at 8:20 pm
pedestrian killer!
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ask ozzy b. and arnie
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nailbytes (.com)
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learn welsh online
includes nasal mutations!
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white nationalist mp3's
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live naked mole-rat cam
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kangaroo scrotum pouch
"Kangaroo scrotum pouches are made from the scrotum of male kangaroo."
...being far easier to obtain than the scrotum of female kangaroo.
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mouse fan
"hand getting a little warm while playing or surfing the net?"
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cynthia plaster caster
famous groupie
madamjujujive at 3:12 am
hippie skivvies
"Think Jerry Garcia, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, peace signs and the love generation all rolled into a pair of underwear! Based in California's Central Coast, Hippie Skivvies are high quality underwear (skivvies) made in a variety of tie-dyed colors for "...when ya gotta hide the hippie inside."
Winner of The Official WavyGravy Survivors Of Haight-Ashbury Snort O'Derision Award 2001.
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ganja farmer
"You are John Parker, fearless rasta soldier, and this is your last stand. You have mounted a 20mm Machine Gun atop your 1969 VW minibus, and will blow away anybody/anything who tries to fuck with you or your herb!"
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how to get16x9 anamorphic resolution on a 4x3 television set
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midwest furfest 2001
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jerry garcia autopsy
a groovy peek inside captain trips
"You can still feel Jerry's magic - right here on this Web site. Yeah! So crank up the rad tunes, rip a few tubes and join us for a very special reenactment of the most rockingest autopsy of all time!!"
madamjujujive at 1:44 am
gay or eurotrash?
lesbian or german lady?
you decide
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unusual aviation pictures
quonsar at 1:32 am
pakistan love & friendship bbs
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naked animal girls
madamjujujive at 1:10 am
the neural architechture of eight brained primates
The Eightfold Model of Human Consciousness
"the map is not the territory"
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friday, dec 28, 2001
our pop which art in heaven
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thursday, dec 27, 2001

herman van veen (.com)
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keith is the male sex god
"FUN FACT: Keith was Jesus Christ. Yes it is true. After the Partridge Family show was cancelled Keith decided to go on a solo career. Since Keith can walk through time like most mortals walk through space he just went back in time and became Jesus. This caused so many problems on earth: e.g. the Crusades, the inquisition, the holocaust, that the rest of the Partridges had to come down onto the mortal plane meeting us halfway on the television to rectify the situation."
madamjujujive at 9:58 pm
wednesday, dec 26, 2001

custom handmade cloth keepsake preemie dolls
for Preemie and Bereaved Parents Only
"~ jointed and weighted ~ made to your baby's actual measurements and weight ~"
the tongue guy's wife makes these dolls.
madamjujujive at 10:24 pm
the truth about tongues
A Layman's Perspective
"I'm known (especially by my wife) for believing that I'm never in error."
quonsar at 10:18 pm
frozen rodents
"Quality rodents at great prices. Our rodents are raised on high quality lab diet not dog food. Rodents come vacuum packed to retain freshness."
madamjujujive at 10:03 pm
simple pill can increase your ejaculation by 581%
Shoot up to 13 feet!
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madamjujujive at 8:21 pm
effect of ale, garlic, and soured cream on the appetite of leeches
madamjujujive at 7:13 pm

buddhist hells
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hindu hells
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mississippi shotgun club
one o'the fahnest examples o' suthun intulleckshulism ahs ever see'd! and dey bleeves in freedom o'speach, you sunnsa mo'beach!
madamjujujive at 7:04 pm

madamjujujive at 6:33 pm
oh yes it is (.com)
oh no it isn't (.com)
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tuesday, dec 25, 2001
anti-santa's home page
madamjujujive at 10:18 pm
i want my midget rodeo.
i need my midget power.
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"Fn fn fn fn, fn fn fn fn. Fn fn fn, fn fn fn. Fn fn fn fn, fn fn fn fn. Fn fn fn, fn fn fn. Fn fn fn fn, fn fn fn fn. Fn fn fn, fn fn fn. Fn fn fn fn, fn fn fn fn. Fn fn fn, fn fn fn. Fn fn fn fn, fn fn fn fn."
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tour de butt
quonsar at 9:39 pm
internet movie database title #0158916
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quonsar at 9:13 pm
does santa exist?
madamjujujive at 11:57 am
bad place
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subliminal citruphilia?
has anita bryant seen this?
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hitler cats
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amish meth labs
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monday, dec 24, 2001
we take a lot of shit from a lot of people
melvik of remlar at 11:44 pm
site last updated january 1, 2002
the time travel is impressive. otherwise the site defines insipid.
quonsar at 5:00 pm
$inester $indakate
handy capable hardcore hiphop
"Conceived in a state mental facility's infirmary a plan was hatched to combine street smart urban poetry, with life affirming consciousness. Then, without warning that plan was pushed aside to make way for the $INESTER $INDAKATE. Six high desert mental escapee's, MCBD, BIG DADDY HOPALONG, DA PROFE$$AH, THE H-BOMB, MV3 and the ever elusive, hard to handle, more than a handful, BITCH KILLA, make up the injury prone hip hop conglomerate."
quonsar at 4:42 pm
i hate joey
the site that answers the age old question: who ate the poop?
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icy hot stuntaz
"we iz takin ova in the 2G+1!"
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caucasian invasion
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PUNK-key BREW-stirz
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hey tim!
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nazis are fags
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yo jesus be gayin', yo
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miss afghanistan 2001
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elizabeth montgomery
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spear britney (.com)
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mindy: sex slave on mars
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this affiliate account was terminated because of spam complaints.
perhaps, however, i could interest you in a date with my sister?
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i'll fix your ass...
madamjujujive at 1:22 am