sunday, oct 28, 2001
kid imitating race car sound
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i am an evil carrot
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meet regina beavers
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beware the sperm-killing corn
shelldrake at 5:41 pm
the cry of afghanistan
stop whining and wasting time on fancy flash movies, gather up your still-living children and get the fuck out of that stinking shithole you call a country. hello?
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sex, drugs and html (.com)
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kitten mitten
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balaam's ass speaks
someone should buy him that charcoal filtered chair cushion.
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operation moon bin laden
quonsar at 12:27 pm
chandra levy a satanic sacrifice?
quonsar at 12:23 pm
the steam man
quonsar at 11:57 am
schools for girls supported by taliban
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god: why he doesn't care, and you shouldn't either
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the proudfully american logo museum
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when wading through the fertile basins of south africa, do you often find yourself thinking, "man, i'm the second biggest land creature in existance, i totally kick ass"?
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saturday, oct 27, 2001

the lady gabrielle fine-tunes her android servant, sally
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hello boys
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pig sex
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dirtwater telegraph
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god saves the titanic
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excite my chicken
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shelldrake at 3:13 am
friday, oct 26, 2001
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winged pigs
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lambs online
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warning: 8 megabyte windows media
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the reverend brendan powell smith
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vehicle morpheous
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thursday, oct 25, 2001

the 8th wonder of the world
shelldrake at 11:45 pm
permanent hair removal for trans-genders
before and after photos
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online quran reciter
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wednesday, oct 24, 2001
dress goo
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dress maynard
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world trade center: from the inside
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tuesday, oct 23, 2001

house of sissify
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tiny dog clothes (.com)
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the terrorism portal (.com)
Comprehensive Directory of Terrorism Sites on the Web
quonsar at 11:36 pm
the bj-matic oral trainer for ladies
quonsar at 11:31 pm
bitter single guy (.com)
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pimp hats (.com)
quonsar at 11:21 pm
somebody. get. me. out. of. here.
quonsar at 11:09 pm
osama bin laden: a lesbian nomad
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pray station 3
quonsar at 10:57 pm
behind the scenes at microsoft
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tshirt hell (.com)
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you step in the stream, but the water has moved on.
quonsar at 7:48 pm
of the hand to mouth, one lose often the soup.
quonsar at 7:11 pm
the toast board of tourism would like to welcome you to the official website of the arky of toast
"each visitor must show a certificate of vaccination for bugpox and proof of a booster shot for bobsuck fever."
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i am a man who loves being a woman
quonsar at 6:47 pm
human beings have always used this posture for elimination. infants of every culture adopt it instinctively. western man switched to the sitting position about 150 years ago. two-thirds of the world still uses the natural squatting position.

quonsar at 6:43 pm
dog diaper demonstration video
note: 3.7 meg mpeg file
from some fine folks who invented real dog diapers. most 'doggy diapers' are really 'doggie kotex', but these babies are designed for 'heavy doodie' use.
quonsar at 6:27 pm
monday, oct 22, 2001
the king of ferret-legging
a true story
"Basically the contest involves the tying of a competitor's trousers at the ankles and the subsequent insertion into those trousers of a couple of peculiarly vicious fur-coated, footlong carnivores called ferrets."
quonsar at 11:59 pm
ferret rescue (.com)
Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association Online Resource Center
"The Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association is a two-branch ferret shelter* devoted to helping the needs of ferrets and ferret owners in the state of Pennsylvania and nearby communities."
quonsar at 11:49 pm
thousands of starving, war-weary refugees scramble for u.s. food packets
details at eleven.
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your internet child slave resource
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postcard from sophia
thank you for the exciting golden girls postcard.
quonsar at 10:49 pm
"The no hands mouse eliminates wasteful, repetitive 'keyboard-to-mouse' hand movements. With the NoHands Mouse, you can have complete control of the cursor without having to take your hands off the keyboard, or your eyes off the monitor."
shelldrake at 10:38 pm

jim gilsinan IV
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faux fur pimp/lounge/mac daddy suit
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the gay financial network
quonsar at 7:19 pm
atheists for jesus
quonsar at 7:04 pm
naked cowboy (.com)
quonsar at 6:48 pm
dude dressing
major zesty garlic pappercorn ranch
"You will NOT believe how good Dude Dressing tastes! It ROCKS!! It will totally change the way you think about salad dressing!! Made from only the finest ingredients with loving care from the dude who knows!"
quonsar at 6:20 pm
safe-t-sure sterilizing and sanitizing mailbox
cleans your mail with 1,900 degrees of propane powered flame!
"the unique combination of a hardy, weather resistant U.S. Post Office approved mailbox with a powerful, germ-killing propane powered incinerator. It is the first line of protection in any home biological warfare defense system. The powerful gas jet incinerator is able to penetrate through all envelopes and small packages, completely destroying any and all biological warfare agents."
quonsar at 12:41 pm
rubber band pistols
quonsar at 10:44 am
guide to shooting rubber bands
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hot insect action
quonsar at 7:24 am
the prime number shitting bear
quonsar at 7:19 am
magical anus smell
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