sunday, sep 23, 2001

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military codename generator
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steve the all-knowing fetus
"Steve is a glow in the dark fetus. His best friend is Tar, a troll that lives in the mailbox next to Steve. Tar is Vea's. Steve and Tar are engaged. We think you should be happy, and we'll save you cake. Bow before the unborn, Steve rocks."
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mostly cemeteries
"My love of cemeteries began when I was a child. The neighborhood I grew up in used to be a farm. There was a small family plot down a path through the woods. Some of my earliest memories are of walking to that cemetery with some friends."
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border crackdown hurting british columbia pot growers
lowering the cost of drugs in B.C., doubling it in the U.S.
"The thought that there's increased penalties, or that the United States may shoot on sight or are a bit jumpier and more security conscious means there's more marijuana backed up here."
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the ten million guy
Money isn't everything; it's simply much more
"Here you find my services, plans and much more. My main goal is to earn Ten Million within 24 months, selling my main resource: myself. So I'm on sale; if you can't afford the whole price, you may lease me, too. Do you think that's not moral? Don't be too strict: everybody is on sale in this world."
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natas, em kcuf
warning: subliminable messages in use
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dull to low normal
ugly bitches with low self of steam
high tech, low normal
i don't even know where to begin to address the vacuous black hole of intellect this site represents. the 'low self of steam' quote is from bitch, you aint bi (but if you is, there aint a dayum thang wrong wit it). yo yo yo. like wha.
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the frog that learned to fly
Molecular Magnetism and Levitation
"A little frog (alive!) and a water ball levitate inside a Ø32mm vertical bore of a Bitter solenoid in a magnetic field of about 16 Tesla at the Nijmegen High Field Magnet Laboratory."
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high tech primitive camping
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isolation / suicide cell smock
"Provides warmth and coverage yet can't be easily twisted into a knot or a noose."

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saturday, sep 22, 2001
bath bomb instructions: recipe and supplies
damn these internet anarchists...
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the binch
"Every U down in Uville liked U.S. a lot,
But the Binch, who lived Far East of Uville, did not.
The Binch hated U.S! the whole U.S. way!
Now don't ask me why, for nobody can say,
It could be his turban was screwed on too tight.
Or the sun from the desert had beaten too bright
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that his heart was two sizes too small.

interestingly (or not) i've gotten a tsunami of mail regarding the binch. i never get mail. except from james. as far as i know, blort does have a regular reader, but he works a few desks away and just shouts instead of sending email. so it kinda blew my mind that the silly little binch was generating email. someone at work heard it on the radio. the dj's binch-slapped it onto their website. i blorted it. tonight, gigglechick sent me the stunning binch graphic, so i've reposted it. next thing you know, i'll be hearing from bin laden's donkey. life's a binch, then you die.
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psychic sex and 20-minute-plus female orgasms
"how to achieve a form of God consciousness during lovemaking while a woman experiences continual orgasm, indefinitely."
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butchering of live malaysian giant turtle
i hope this isn't a fetish site
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breast reduction surgery made my nipple rot
graphic pictures. consider thyself warned.
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not the roswell crash photo
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meet the wiener whiz™ wiener girls™
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4d spacetime
"Let {e1,e2,e3} be an orthonormal orientational reference frame for Â3. We embody the concept of "time" by postulating a fourth vector e4 orthogonal to e1,e2,e3 with e42=-1 thus creating a basis (coordinate frame) E={ e1,e2,e3,e4} for Â3,1 ( Minkowski spacetime). Note that some physicists give e4 nonunit magnitude c."
only a frigging moron would give e4 nonunit magnitude c.
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the tim lahaye school of prophecy
your biblical prophesy headquarters!
"The School of Prophecy is a continuing one-year resident course of study taught by me and a faculty comprised of some of the most renowned Bible prophecy scholars in the world today."
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the pathetic white slime scores again
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bathroom reader (.com)
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MIT guide to lockpicking
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in space, no one can hear you belch
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olive & eric
the website
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friday, sep 21, 2001
the osama bin laden picture page

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thursday, sep 20, 2001

the secret fetish of new zealand beekeepers

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antenna flags
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tanks for the memories?
shelldrake™ at 11:20 pm

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blue ball web (.com)
what were they thinking?
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cloud man (.com)
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nazi propoganda starring sgt. schultz
i know nozzink!
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wednesday, sep 19, 2001

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acme web pages (.com)
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lucanus cervus
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christian guide to small arms
"The Christian's Guide to Small Arms was developed in response to the fact that most American Christians have fallen into ignorance concerning the responsibilities and skills required of the Christian freeman. CGSA is not intended to be THE definitive source on this subject, but rather a primer for the Christian who is beginning to reject the false theology that requires him to be a pacifistic patsy in the face of heathen hordes."
pacifistic patsy? heathen hordes? someone ought to shoot these people.
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the illustrated guide to breaking your computer
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mom gives birth to her third baby, a breech baby, completely unmedicated and without intervention
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tuesday, sep 18, 2001
catholic school girl doll collection
"Teresa secretly feels sorry for her friends in public schools because they don’t get to wear black watch plaid pinafore-top (crew neck) jumpers like hers. The crisp knife pleats in the skirt make her look, well, special. Her dark brown short hair dances against her checks as she shakes her head, her brown eyes glowing. Fact is, she knows her critical friends in their jeans are jealous of her."
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world's first camera attached to a goiter
"see the reactions of shock and horror it receives every day."
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i certainly didn't give him permission to be intimate with my cattle
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Every U down in Uville liked U.S. a lot,
But the Binch, who lived Far East of Uville, did not.
The Binch hated U.S! the whole U.S. way!
Now don't ask me why, for nobody can say,
It could be his turban was screwed on too tight.
Or the sun from the desert had beaten too bright
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that his heart was two sizes too small.

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monday, sep 17, 2001
chicken or beef?
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special team sent to begin war on terrorists
"Carefully selected from thousands of special olympics teams, mental ward softball leagues, and Special Ed. classes for their strength, stamina, and willingness to be loaded onto an incredibly small bus and sent to a country that is ruled by people that all look like ZZ top."
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the sentence being written in this site is the sentence translated into english by IBM translation software from japanese. understand the sentence which is hard to understand by the atmosphere. I am sorry.
me too.
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ponder this:

Excuse a foreigner's aside but it is divisiveness and discord which keep your wonderful country together. The U.S. is truly made of different people and divergent cultures who have decided to agree to disagree.

Your flag is beautiful because every single star looks the same and is given the same aesthetic and political importance, even though the several states are vastly different.

If you think of every star as representing a culture - whether German, Jewish, Arab-American, English, Chinese or whatever - you will appreciate how much you've accomplished by being honestly different; yet purposefully united. This is your secret weapon.

Being American means being able to be who you are with no constraints, apart from the respect for all those who are different.

In truth, you have no nationality. You have gone beyond that. You are free. You stick together so you can go on inventing yourselves. If ever there was a truly international flag, yours is it. This is your great lesson to the world - don't disparage it.

The U.S.A. has been the future for the world since 1766. Enjoy it by being EXACTLY how you were before these terrible events.

And keep fighting amongst yourselves, while presenting a single face to the world, because this is surely what you call the "way to go"!

posted to metafilter by Miguel Cardoso
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