sunday, aug 26, 2001
quonsar at 10:41 pm
all birds are good to eat
bait them either with flesh or grains
"Kill birds by stretching their necks, then cut the throat and hang head-down to bleed. Or kill them by cutting just under the tongue severing main nerve and main artery. The bird dies easily and bleeds well."
quonsar at 9:01 pm
royal liver assurance
quonsar at 8:54 pm
mirror project (.com)
"You are more than welcome to join us in our reckless pursuit of what some consider narcissism."
quonsar at 8:40 pm
sports like soccer can take your mind off homosexuality

quonsar at 8:27 pm

suck a horse's ass
350 Pound Schizophrenic Lyrical Messiah
"...a pop culture barf bag belching out whatever... In a music world full of derivative boy bands, teen queens, and rock stars too busy suing Napster to release anything of quality, it is refreshing to see an artist like Wesley Willis who is simply like nobody else you have ever heard in your life..."
hmmmmm. there is a reason for that...
[ reblort ]
quonsar at 8:02 pm
anatomy of a telephone call
ingrixitorb at 7:02 pm
mystery macaroni & cheese for the masses
"For it is between the perceived taste of macaroni, and the subconscious knowledge of what's in the macaroni, that Deliciousness lives humbly and without fear."
quonsar at 6:01 pm
nothing says class like a yakety-yak sax midi and a dancing sunflower
quonsar at 5:45 pm
farting televangelists
note: 2 meg .mpeg file
quonsar at 5:27 pm
the international association of gay/lesbian country western dance clubs
"coordinating the activities of its member clubs and serving as a central source of information about the Gay & Lesbian Country Western dance scene."
quonsar at 5:14 pm
gays for patsy
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quonsar at 5:08 pm
friday, aug 24, 2001
crazy for kitties (.com)
quonsar at 3:42 pm
okapia johnstoni
quonsar at 1:48 pm
salmon queen (.com)
quonsar at 1:41 pm
bunny in ascii mirror
quonsar at 1:37 pm
dammit all to hell (.com)
quonsar at 9:00 am
thursday, aug 23, 2001
manure happensvolcano volk: rhyming story teller, cowgal poet, country-fried humorist, ventriloquist

quonsar at 11:55 pm
the kathie lee oral sex simulator
quonsar at 10:55 pm
condom hat
"The perfect gift idea for dickheads!"
quonsar at 10:24 pm
the cruciflex2000™
stand strong before god
"I have a very busy life, with running my own business, fornicating with the neighbor, being forgiven when I fornicate, raising my bastard son, collecting child support from my ex, and living the typical Christian life! Using the CruciFlex 2000 for only twenty minutes a day, three days a week, I am in top physical condition!"

quonsar at 8:58 pm
headphone fetish
quonsar at 8:00 pm
bojo a-go-go
truth is stranger than fundamentalism
quonsar at 7:19 pm
a study of the effects of celery on loose elastic
quonsar at 7:12 pm

invasion of the dead cats
shelldrake at 6:59 pm
generating methane gas from manure

quonsar at 6:54 pm
negro penis size
quonsar at 6:38 pm
abortion cams (.com)
quonsar at 6:29 pm
windows RG (really good edition)
quonsar at 11:59 am
taos hum
quonsar at 11:55 am
wednesday, aug 22, 2001
happy birthday in 161 languages
in honor of my 'little' brother
hey, august 22 is the birthdate of my brother, mcface. So send the little twerp some email!
quonsar at 2:01 pm
random birthday applet
quonsar at 1:55 pm
a new technology in the production of instant noodles oriental style
quonsar at 11:34 am
things you never knew (.com)
quonsar at 11:25 am
i'm an asshole
note: 4 meg .mp3 file
quonsar at 9:42 am
poop moose (.com)
poop moose
the unique alaskan candy dispenser
and you can buy unique alaskan candy refills from
quonsar at 9:37 am
statue molesters
shades of naked petrified portman
quonsar at 8:58 am
lawn mowing chester
quonsar at 8:54 am
tuesday, aug 21, 2001

vote for the goat
shelldrake at 10:59 pm

cooking with bigfoot
reverend monkeyboy at 10:19 pm

quonsar at 10:14 pm
the colon blow project
Why has the world fallen in love with poo?
"get into the minds of poopers everywhere by taking a double dose of a harsh laxative every day for a week."
reverend monkeyboy at 10:05 pm
opening the road to freedom when the dark forces of internet (the anti-christ) threaten christian people in our lords net

quonsar at 9:06 pm
dialtones: a telesymphony
'indelibly transform the way we hear and understand the twittering...'
"a large-scale concert performance whose sounds are wholly produced through the carefully choreographed ringing of the audience’s own mobile phones."
quonsar at 8:41 pm

quonsar at 8:26 pm
let's potty like it's 1999
quonsar at 8:06 pm
gay alien agenda
quonsar at 7:33 pm
nasa fakes moon landing
incontrovertible proof found
quonsar at 9:33 am
stop the hate!
quonsar at 8:33 am
monday, aug 20, 2001

keepers of lists
quonsar at 11:54 pm
marry my brother (.com)
quonsar at 2:15 pm
canine epilepsy resource center
All you ever wanted to know about Canine Epilepsy
quonsar at 2:02 pm
essence of crop circle
combine with eye of newt and blood of a virgin, mix well.
quonsar at 1:28 pm
amish armada (.com)
vile and horrendous things lie ahead
quonsar at 12:58 pm
the complete guide to period communications
quonsar at 12:40 pm
the everlasting urn (.com)
ain't so everlasting after all
quonsar at 10:00 am
999,975 more CDs and we go marching!
no more AOL cd's (.com)
"We're going to personally deliver to AOL Headquarters as many of their CDs as we can. Our goal is an even one million (1,000,000). Upon reaching this number, we will begin our cross-country pilgrimage to "Return To Sender" the unwanted CDs. By sending us your AOL CDs you will be part of this Epic Crusade to take back our privacy."
quonsar at 8:26 am