sunday, aug 19, 2001
lap dance
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nicotine water (.com)
an alternative source of Nicotine
"Each bottle of NICOTINE WATER contains the nicotine equivalent of 2 cigarettes and regular bottled water."

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prehistoric porn
making mr. wiggles smile since 40,000 b.c.
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why is mr. wiggles smiling?
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nice teapot. well-dressed photographer.
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fossil feces
dinosaur dung
petrified poop

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how i spent my summer vacation
shelldrake at 4:30 pm
zombie alert
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kill the weakest link bitch
quonsar at 3:36 pm
advanced tactical weaponry for the sailor
sidewinder streaks toward unsuspecting jet ski
"You have this great sailing spot. But lately, it has become overrun with personal water craft. They’re noisy, numerous, and run into things. The best offense is close range advanced tactical weaponry. Although there is a multitude of weapons systems available, our extensive research and testing revealed that the AIM-9 Sidewinder heat seeking air-to-air missile was the best tool for the job"
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baby rhino
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it's the cat's ass (.com)
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rat kill (.com)
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disciplinary wives club (.com)
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cat lick
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oozing goo (.com)
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afro ken
quonsar at 7:14 am
young goddess: pictures of a deity
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the electric amish
three men, three beards, and no power
"the electric amish may be visiting a barn near you! be sure to lock up the sheep that night!"
[ reblort ]
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project terminated
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skin parasites (.com)
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aaah nice  

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london, france, underpants
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"Under the knifes are baby worms when you step on them they turn into evil gigantic worms that bite you. The stars symbolizes the universe then under that is the sun that is suppose to burn you and make you blind. Under that is blood that eats you up then safety in the middle."

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slap a ham (.com)
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friday, aug 17, 2001
dookie wear (.com)
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half chicken - half penquin. it's out there...
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wow, who's that girl?
quonsar at 1:26 pm
the poodle is peteena (arf arf)
who can turn the world on with her snarl?
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crunchiest popcorn on the planet

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eat your coffee!™
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star ball (nice power)
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internal antennas (.com)
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disease world (.com)
the wonderful world of diseases
quonsar at 8:43 am
beard research
quonsar at 8:38 am
secret military codes hidden in road signs
"Quadrant Sign Code"--EXPOSED!
"Embedded in our nation's road sign system is a secret coding designed to target vital sites, facilities and resources for military confiscation during a National Emergency."
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thursday, aug 16, 2001
s.m.a.r.t. (stop mind control and ritual abuse today) presents: the fourth annual ritual abuse, secretive organizations and mind control conference
if you attend they'll have to kill you.
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astronomers used chandra to study nearby galaxy
rep. condit reported 'extremely pissed'
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the fishing goddess (.com)
quonsar at 9:06 pm
the online ministry of hubert the invisible beaver
hubert also dances.
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bathroom mess (.com)
quonsar at 7:32 pm
flatulent orgasmic calculators
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prom mom (.com)
quonsar at 3:59 pm
fundamental baptist information service end times apostasy online database
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wednesday, aug 15, 2001
high quality detailed solid gold dog breed jewelry
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judy o'christian values
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key west mile high club (.com)
we fly at 5280 feet, give or take 6 inches
"The term "Mile High Club" or "The 5280 Club", as we like to call it, refers to two or more people engaging in sexual activity at an altitude of at least 5,280 feet (one mile above the earth) in an airplane. Key West Mile High will privately fly you and a partner to 5,280 feet so you can discreetly join the club."
or maybe, not so discreetly...
rixport at 9:10 pm
armpit photography
"Let's look at some fuzzy female pits..."

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alien weed
quonsar at 8:22 pm

famous nuts throughout history
quonsar at 7:46 pm
john paulk, former homosexual, former male prostitute, former female impersonator
"Growing up, I heard it all...sissy, queer, fag. Naturally, I believed I was born gay."
and then his life was saved by gerbil and rodent extraction specialists.
quonsar at 7:14 pm
gerbil & rodent extraction specialists
Our Goal: 100% Rodent Survival
"In the standard practice of rectal rodent removal, the life of the animal is NOT taken into consideration. We strongly disagree with this practice. We believe that it is possible to effect the live extraction of anally-impacted gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs."
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antichrist comes forth, reigns, and is destroyed
film at 11...
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is that a banana on your arm, or are you just happy to see me?
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pocket president (.com)
putting the president in the pocket of average americans since 2001
"Now you too can have the President of the United States, George W. Bush, in your pocket!"
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atomic toothpaste (.com)
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kitty porn
fornicating felines, a real piece of shit and the supersecret page.
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tuesday, aug 14, 2001
musclebound kid
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anorexic nation
a pro-ana website
"Looking 4 a good TRIGGER? then you've come to the right place! In so-called recovery? then GET LOST."

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good nites (.com)
quonsar at 10:21 pm
lulu, the incredible toilet water drinking, vomit eating cat
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so you wanna be a human guinea pig?
shelldrakus of borg at 8:47 pm
monday, aug 13, 2001
rockin' bag whirly
sounds like fun
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fucked if i know (.com)
quonsar at 10:20 pm
i got yer smelly diapers right here, bub!
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quonsar at 9:53 pm
follow the money
quonsar at 7:18 pm
flying shoes
If you have any desirability, please tell us
"Above flying shoes let you can walk, also let you can slide as flying."
quonsar at 1:20 pm
hello. i am picolé xixi. inglish is mean 'popscicle of pee' ha ha. here i am prctis my inglish and to make webpages. are good, yes?
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jimmy hoffa found under construction
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