sunday, jul 22, 2001
don't try to steal screaming monkey stick if you want to keep your pee pee.
shelldrake™ at 10:51 pm
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lingam gnosis: ancient art of penis reading
whip 'em out and prepare to be amazed
"Lingam gnosis is here and it beats the crap out of reading tea-leaves."
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asian animal protection network
quonsar at 7:53 pm
save america's clocks
collect the entire set
quonsar at 7:49 pm
the electra-woman and dyna-girl galleries
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bad air and space (.com)
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r u pissed? (.com)
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candy factory
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pan flute (.com)
strap one on like yanni
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estrogen moment (.com)
quonsar at 6:22 pm
extreme glow (.com)
quonsar at 6:20 pm
flying bob
quonsar at 6:04 pm
association of abandoned sex switchers
a busload of 'aass'
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the electric chair (.com)
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opera gloves (.com)
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fat birder (.com)
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thursday, jul 19, 2001
the second reincarnation of the final grandson of wowbagger the infinitely prolonged
quonsar at 11:15 pm
pseudodoxia epidemica: enquiries into very many received tenents and commonly presumed truths
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promoting the pale pink pork product
shelldrake at 10:26 pm

shelldrake at 9:03 pm
j. d. hogg picture palace
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ho! ho! hoka hey!!!
for sale by mental patient
"I am Mental. I am a Patient. I like to sell things."
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wednesday, jul 18, 2001

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case study #3626 / pickle
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"The sweet sounds of salvation are whispering right outside. You can hear them coming from under your door if you listen closely. "Give in," they say, "experience the Benign All." Heed the voices. Recognize what's coming your way and prepare youself for its obscene embrace. Rest assured that I, Reverend Jeff, will stand by you in the coming moment of orgasmic ecstacy. And then I will gather change from your dresser and quickly leave. But only for a couple of days."
quonsar at 8:44 am
australians against flatuphobia
breaking down the stereotype of flatulence in popular culture
"I had worked at Tobin Brothers in Croydon for five years. During one funeral I accidently let one rip and sent the whole congregation into hysterics. But my boss didn't think it was funny and I was given notice a week later. They said the reason for my sacking was my poor attitude but I am certain it was due to my flatulence problem."
quonsar at 8:37 am
i saw jesus in a bloody band-aid.
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these pages on impotence and erectile dysfunction are not in any way directly connected to the essays in this site on foreskin conditions.
well, hey. that's damn reassuring.
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how many bushflies can a bushwhacker swat?
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i was trapped in the room with his farticles, I could almost feel them clinging to my skin, clogging my throat.
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butts across america (.com)
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tuesday, jul 17, 2001
abe lincoln's hat
quonsar at 10:50 pm
shame on you!
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lawrence wade's homebrew hydraulic can crusher
quonsar at 8:46 pm
ed cushman's ampex 2 inch quad video recorders
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monday, jul 16, 2001
the jim morrison simulatron
lizard king breaks on through to flash technology
"Doors frontman Jim Morrison mixed drugs, alcohol and asthma to ascend to the big Whisky A Go-Go in the sky"
quonsar at 6:24 pm
interspecies telepathic communication
animals have so much to teach us...
...we just need to listen."
quonsar at 5:41 pm

"The town considered guns, electrocution and dismemberment before settling on hanging."
quonsar at 5:20 pm
museum of burnt food
i had a smokin' good time
"The museum is housed in Somerville, Massachusetts, but is temporarily closed due to fire damage."
quonsar at 8:59 am
fema for kids
brought to you by the Federal Emergency Management Agency
"I'm Herman, the spokescrab for the site. This site teaches you how to be prepared for disasters and how you can prevent disaster damage. You can also learn what causes disasters... and become a Disaster Action Kid."
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please exercise caution and perform a strand test on the housepet of your choice when using products which might have been tested on convicts in louisiana
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