sunday, jul 8, 2001

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carpal tunnel onset accelerator
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wait all day (.com)
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hey everybody! i'm looking at gay porno!
do NOT click this link if you are at work
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janet reno is hot (.com)
the hottest butch icon in American Government since Eleanor Roosevelt
"the premier site for chicks with a BIG OL'BONER for Our Lady of Perpetual Dykiness."
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dancing queens
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christening the kosher kielbasa
waxing the bishop's helmet
exorcising the demon.
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it's not just for airports anymore.
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nipguards (.com)
protection against painful nipple abrasion
"Protective outer layer stays on to create the nipple cavity and also to help prevent resistance with the shirt. Protective nipple cavity shields the tip of the nipple from chaffing and abrasion."
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saturday, jul 7, 2001
today's aerosol conditions from earth probe TOMS*
shelldrake at 11:06 pm
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mc hawking's crib
"Yo! This site is your ultimate resource for information about Stephen Hawking the gangsta rapper."
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digital snargphlap
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movin' to bongmyungdong soon...
...gonna be a young dong bong tycoon.
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reek rises as gals stick with stinky panties
japanese girls refuse to change
"My panties would get all crunchy and the hairs would stick to them. It really hurt when I changed my undies."
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the american nyckelharpa association
help stamp out debilitating nyckelharpa in our time!
american association of suicidology
join while you still can.
american association of anatomists
the hipbone association is connected to the legbone association.
american association of cereal chemists
i was a serial chemist in high school.
american association of variable star observers
stalking the celebs, but only when they feel like it.
american society of association executives
because even associations need to belong.
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is there a proctologist in the house?
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warning! danger, will robinson!
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my cat hates you (.com)
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friday, jul 6, 2001
i should of love you when i have the chance
say what?
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semen collection in diceros bicornis
aim of the project: condition Mwaniki to produce regular semen samples in response to a modified artificial vagina
"Previous artificial vaginas have been too heavy, requiring an operator on either side just to hold it, and caused abrasions of the lateral flaps of the penis... The fact that Mwaniki is conditioned for rectal massage holds interesting prospects for the future."
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thursday, jul 5, 2001
dirt perfume
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how to turn a gas giant into a bong
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SUNN 0)))
"The SUNN0))) mission is to create trance like soundscapes with the ultimate low end/bottom frequencies intended to massage the listeners intenstines into a act of defecation. Prepare your soundsystem."
and your shorts...
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wednesday, jul 4, 2001
about me...
My name is Andrea Miller. I am a single white female, 25 years old, living in the subarbs of Chicago.
"My desire is to be taken, owned, dehumanized, and forcably transformed into human livestock... I am looking for a serious farmer, in need of a dairy cow."
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penny melting
"Looking at the melting penny is similar to looking directly into the sun. Eye damage can occur without any pain."
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quadrapalegic kittens in wheelchairs
after months of waiting
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monday, jul 2, 2001

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duct tape guys (.com)
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us patent #5443036: method of exercising a cat
"A method of inducing aerobic exercise in an unrestrained cat comprising the steps of: (a) directing an intense coherent beam of invisible light produced by a hand-held laser apparatus to produce a bright highly-focused pattern of light at the intersection of the beam and an opaque surface, said pattern being of visual interest to a cat; and (b) selectively redirecting said beam out of the cat's immediate reach to induce said cat to run and chase said beam and pattern of light around an exercise area."
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