sunday, jun 24, 2001
free goat milk
shelldrake at 9:52 pm
world's biggest freestanding sausage
the big banger
"Standing forty-two feet high and weighing more than six tons, the Mundare Sausage dwarfs everything else in the tiny town but the water tower."
quonsar at 6:34 pm
"I'd like to say that I tagged Rather that night, and I did get him up to my room, but he stumbled through the door, vomited on Brinkley (who didn't wake up) and passed out on my bed. I didn't have the heart to bury one in him — Rather didn't deserve to wake up sore without knowing why."
quonsar at 6:12 pm
Thus says Jehovah God and Jesus Christ concerning stock market activity for June 25, 2001, "The Dow Jones will close DOWN somewhere around 35 points and the NASDAQ will close up somwhere around 15 points."
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industrial perforators online
who will protect the children?
quonsar at 4:09 pm
the satanic hamster dance v2.1
Sacrifice the night away
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quonsar at 3:42 pm
watch paint dry
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amy's skinning & taxidermy
"My name is Amy Ritchie and I'm 14 years old... This page is all about my favorite hobby, skinning and taxidermy. I haven't had much experience with taxidermy, but I'm pretty good at skinning."
ooookay, then...
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bald guy (.com)
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alien limericks
Jane was a ufologist
Who went to see a proctologist.
"I'm afraid to relay
That the probe went astray.
You'll be needing to see a gynecologist."

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deface this page
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saturday, jun 23, 2001

shelldrake at 11:45 pm
the truth about sesame street
show offends bigots. we're impressed.
"White parents with young children need to be warned about the dangers of this show... They need to be aware of the ways Sesame Street undermines White pride and begins a thorough brainwashing of White children's minds at a crucial phase of their development..."
quonsar at 11:35 pm
girl guitars
"Not only are Daisy Guitars cute, but they rock. I think that the guitars will be inspiring to little girls and boys." - Lisa Loeb
quonsar at 10:38 pm
sheep: a sure thing
the word is getting around...
"Honor your friends or family members; send the gift of a sheep in their name..."
quonsar at 10:20 pm
toaster porn
hot young girls in toaster action!
"This page features pictures of adults in sexual situations with kitchen appliances. If you are under the age of 87 (142 in Estonia, Khazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Australia and the US states of Utah and Texas) please LEAVE NOW. The author takes no responsibility for genital burns caused by attempts to reproduce the acts shown here."
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shelldrake at 9:55 pm
net authority
A Better Internet for Our Children
"The Net Authority is a group of individuals who have taken it upon themselves to govern the Internet."
quonsar at 9:54 pm
thursday, jun 21, 2001
want to know what my tongue tastes like?
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quonsar at 8:45 pm
international campaign to ban winmine
sow flowers, not mines
"Windows Minesweeper (Winmine) is an offence against the victims of the mines, and to those who sacrifice themselves, risking their own life, clearing the lands contaminated by these implements."
quonsar at 8:36 pm

quonsar at 7:25 pm
ask the rabbi
where are all the pro-firearm jews?
"Rabbi R. Mermelstein has been responding to questions related to Judaism, the Second Amendment, and technical firearms and handloading topics for Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership over the last several years."
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what is this silly man looking at?
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tuesday, jun 19, 2001

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rate my feet (.com)
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die mcveigh!
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monday, jun 18, 2001
all girls are sluts (.com)
quonsar at 9:22 pm
amish heat
only the HOTTEST Amish on the Web!
"Our site will have your barn raised right!!!"
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3 fat chicks (.com)
quonsar at 8:51 pm
beautiful but dangerous (.com)
"nicole kidman is a liar who has willfully, maliciously and viciously slandered and wronged me."
bzzt. wacko.
quonsar at 8:46 pm
the pope of soap
quonsar at 8:40 pm
christian wrestling school
ropin' a dope for jesus
"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. - Ephesians 6:10"
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principia discordia
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