sunday, may 20, 2001
AOL 6.0!
shelldrake at 9:07 pm
jail babes (.com)
new jail babes added weekly!
"Do you know that there are hundreds of beautiful ladies sitting in prison, just waiting for someone to love and care about them?"
quonsar at 5:29 pm
rare person who nibbles glass cups
"It's hard to believe when you hear... It's unimaginable when you see... Rare! Rare! Rare! The genius in the world... Best! Best! Best! The Best in the world!"
quonsar at 5:17 pm
the pornography cannot be displayed
"The pornography you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing titillation difficulties, or you may need to adjust your trouser settings."
quonsar at 5:06 pm
evil woman
quonsar at 5:02 pm
oops. i think i farted again.
quonsar at 4:40 pm
kaycee nicole can bite my shiny metal ass
quonsar at 2:52 am
woman bites off chicago man's testicles
"During the assault, the female victim got the man's testicles in her mouth and bit them off."
quonsar at 2:23 am

quonsar at 2:08 am
in full flight
fat-a-gram: the significant stripper
"Hello and WELCOME to the hottest web page in the universe. I am TESSA, the SIGNIFICANT STRIPPER. The ONLY FAT-A-GRAM LADY in New Zealand north of Lake Taupo. Let me take you through the routine.Turn the music up and watch me dance**G**."
quonsar at 2:06 am

quonsar at 1:32 am
japanese engrish
"Let's try homeparty fashionbly and have a joyful chat with nice fellow. Fujinami's straw will produce you young party happily and exceedingly!"
quonsar at 1:29 am
the church of reality
Bringing Religion into the 21st Century
"If it's real, we believe in it!"
quonsar at 1:20 am

quonsar at 1:13 am
an interview with jesus h. christ
"Recently, I was given the privilege to sit down and talk with arguably one of the world's most influential figures, Jesus Christ... The first thing that I noticed about Jesus was that, contrary to the popular Euro-centric mythologies, Jesus is a black man."
quonsar at 1:00 am

quonsar at 12:55 am
labmed: rx for rescued labs
"Welcome to LABMED, where helping rescued Labradors in need of medical attention is our mission. LABMED is a non-profit organization created to distribute financial aid to injured or ill Labradors around the country..."
quonsar at 12:53 am
saturday, may 19, 2001
man tit
quonsar at 11:59 pm
get jenny some boobs (.com)
"I’m not interested in making money, I just want some new titties!"
quonsar at 11:58 pm
my nipple is the coolest thing ever
quonsar at 11:57 pm

quonsar at 1:53 pm
thursday, may 17, 2001
quonsar at 9:54 pm
an essential device for cleanliness of women daily
Feeling refreshness by use of filter in the washing rod
"The washing rod has effect to prevent from germs persistently, not temporarily."
quonsar at 9:53 pm
wednesday, may 16, 2001
fluids for christ
quonsar at 9:59 pm
ape-english dictionary
the language that they taught to Tarzan when he was a child
quonsar at 9:56 pm
arse racing
quonsar at 9:52 pm
crown jewels of the wire
"This site is dedicated to the collectors of historic glass and porcelain insulators used by telegraph, telephone and electric power utilities. Insulators are the 'crown jewels of the wire.'"
quonsar at 9:50 pm
scrotum self-repair
"A machine-shop worker who made a regular practice of masturbating by holding his penis against the drive belt of a piece of machinery leaned too close to the belt one day and caught his scrotum between the pulley-wheel and the drive belt. The man suffered a torn scrotum and lost one of his testicles, but he calmly stapled his scrotum back together and resumed work before finally visiting a doctor three days later."
shelldrake at 7:03 pm
monday, may 14, 2001
boob cheese™
the dairy product of the next millenium
"We are on the eve of a revolution in the dairy industry. Soon, cheese made from human breast milk - Boob Cheese™ - will be on everyone's sandwich, everyone's grilled cheese, everyone's crackers, everyone's cheeseburger. With a sexy taste you can get nowhere else, Boob Cheese™ will dominate the next 1000 years."
shelldrake at 11:10 pm
virtual nosehair removal
quonsar at 7:44 pm
demonic & occult symbols of washington dc
quonsar at 7:42 pm
billy the gay doll
"Great news, for the very first time ever, all of Billy, Carlos and our best buddy Tyson's outfits are available to purchase separately. So, fulfil your fantasies and have fun dressing your very own Billy, Carlos or Tyson in any outfit you desire."
quonsar at 7:40 pm
asian prince
quonsar at 7:30 pm
uncle booger's bumper dumper
® U.S. Patent # 6125480
"The Ultimate Portable toilet for the outdoorsman. The only hitch mounted portable toilet patented to use any standard full size toilet seat. It's the most comfortable, stable and sanitary porta potty in the world."
quonsar at 7:25 pm
choosing apparel for your dog
fashion isn't always folly
"Some dogs are naturals for dressing up, and some people like their "kids" to look like humans. Dressing them up is an extension of their love for them."
shelldrake at 7:15 pm