sunday, may 13, 2001
6 piece ball jointed lolita doll
quonsar at 9:32 pm
my penis
shelldrake at 8:16 pm
sgt. whackoff
quonsar at 8:10 pm
'scuse me, while i kiss this guy (.com)
the archive of misheard lyrics
quonsar at 8:01 pm
invocation of the names of god and the ascended hosts of light
quonsar at 7:59 pm
sexy bitchz only
quonsar at 7:58 pm
the after-death journal of princess diana
in her own words
"Diana returns to tell us of her hopes and fears for that life, why her soul had to cut it short, and what she went through on her death."
quonsar at 7:51 pm
top ten puke scenes
quonsar at 7:46 pm
friday, may 11, 2001
autotroll: the world leader in slow-loading ENTER buttons, broken links, and animated "under construction" signs
quonsar at 4:40 pm
furbeowulf: massively parallel processing design and implementation with commodity products
quonsar at 4:36 pm
differences in the male & female orgasm
educational internet resource #33755
quonsar at 8:51 am
gas price watch
quonsar at 8:39 am
thursday, may 10, 2001

quonsar at 10:05 pm
i know it's in here somewhere...
quonsar at 10:01 pm
turn off the internet
quonsar at 9:57 pm
wednesday, may 9, 2001
open up a can of whoop-ass
quonsar at 10:03 pm
date my sister
quonsar at 9:46 pm
just wipe it on your sock
quonsar at 9:33 pm
monster at the soda shop
teenagers and fifties horror films
"From James Dean, tormented in his screaming red jacket in Rebel Without a Cause, to John Travolta, embodying a Seventies’ black-leather fantasy of the Fifties teen in Grease, the images tell us what we all know: that the 1950s gave birth to teen culture. The sheer volume of teenagers seemed to demand that they have a culture of their own."
quonsar at 9:27 pm
tuesday, may 8, 2001
taiwan announces new sport-utility vehicle
melvick of remlar at 11:36 pm
organ selling (.com)
reestablishing our ownership of our own bodies
"ORGAN SELLING is a website dedicated to ending the organ shortage and the attendent needless suffering and death each year of thousands of prospective organ transplant patients simply by allowing monetary compensation for cadaveric organs, which will greatly increase the supply."
quonsar at 9:42 pm

quonsar at 8:56 pm
monday, may 7, 2001
thralawattle: a new religion for the aware intellectual
in an age when the traditional religions are dying, a vast, new spiritual force is sweeping the world
"We who embrace Thralawattle worship the great Thrala, Central Force of the Universe and source of all energy... Thrala was executed on the electric chair. Therefore, Thrals worship the electric chair. Thrals make the sign of the electric chair by assuming the sitting position and trembling violently, with arms extended."
quonsar at 11:08 pm
things i find on the ground
read everything you find
quonsar at 11:02 pm
barbie bondage
quonsar at 11:00 pm
the mothership returns
quonsar at 10:55 pm
mary kate & ashley jail-bait countdown
shelldrake at 10:18 pm

quonsar at 7:57 pm
sexual control (.com)
"can I overcome my sexual addiction?"
"You've asked yourself that question many times..."
quonsar at 7:55 pm