sunday, mar 25, 2001
purveyors of the practical & hard to find
mental image of steve martin in 'the jerk': "I don't need anything except this hat and that's it and that's the only thing I need, is this. Just these shoes. And this ceramic foot file, the hat and the shoes and that's all I need. And this baguette board with crumber..."
quonsar at 7:10 pm
ham, eggs, potatoes.
breakfast is on us
or how about a nice BLT?
quonsar at 6:20 pm
go with the flow
quonsar at 5:40 pm
what makes a man?
an empirical study
"few if any scholars have actually gathered empirical evidence to test the hypothesis that a man -- or a person who looks like a man when clothed -- actually has a penis."
quonsar at 4:41 pm
let's eat some babies!
quonsar at 4:22 pm
the shittiest homepage you'll ever see
"And I do promise you that this one will be just as shitty as the last one. (if not worse)"
quonsar at 4:02 pm

quonsar at 3:53 pm
this is
you can do anything at
"the unattainable is unknown at"
quonsar at 3:33 pm
the only other place i had a five dollar shake was in nome...
quonsar at 2:24 pm
america in the '60's
The Actual Voices, Events, and Music of the People Who Lived It
"The 60's were a decade marked by a new youth, who were into demonstrations, 'dropping out,' 'acid rock,' 'Hare Krishna,' and 'finding themselves.'"
quonsar at 2:22 pm

quonsar at 12:58 am
barbie bondage
quonsar at 12:46 am
the original point and click interface
quonsar at 12:17 am
no more buttery sticky fingers
'the Popcorn Forkô has more uses than a corkscrew'
i shudder to think... and why is the logo suggestive of corn flakes?
via cananopie.
quonsar at 12:12 am
saturday, mar 24, 2001

shelldrake at 11:58 pm
prurient interest - you know you want to click:
hot chick with nice pussy
and just to cover all the base which may belong to us:
man with huge cock
quonsar at 11:50 pm
pie charts never lie
quonsar at 11:37 pm
thursday, mar 22, 2001
celebrity sperm auction
quonsar at 9:47 pm
tales of woman scorned:
crazy bitch (.com)
Every piece of furniture was coated with paint.
"Every electric cord on the TV, VCR, Stereo and Computer were cut... bleach and liquid detergent were poured into the vents of all the electronic items."
and don't miss:
psycho ex-girlfriend (.com)
weeks of pathetic voicemails. she's a bit slow on the uptake. betcha can't stand listen to 'em all.
quonsar at 7:06 pm
wednesday, mar 21, 2001
cooking with gas
quonsar at 9:47 pm
gard her garter
AA01-GPAD The Gard-Her Carrying System
"Attacked in a deserted parking garage, the lady has drawn her AMT Back-up, .380 ACP from The Gard-Her on her leg (black lace on red). Her would-be attacker is in full flight."
quonsar at 8:11 pm

shelldrake at 7:26 pm
all your meat are belong to us
quonsar at 6:34 pm
things could be worse... you could be from ohio, for example
quonsar at 6:32 pm
tuesday, mar 20, 2001

shelldrake at 10:25 pm
monday, mar 19, 2001

quonsar at 10:16 pm
wild apache herb grinder
natural wood grain finish
"Handy! Small enough to fit in your pocket - Big enough to do the job - Useful on a wide variety of herbs"
quonsar at 10:13 pm