sunday, mar 11, 2001

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101 testicle recipes & fun facts
the net's most comprehensive source of testicle recipes
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destination: egg!
shelldrake at 9:07 pm

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y2k pc computers service - sale
look out gateway, sayonara dell...
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killer japanese seizure robots
protective eyewear recommended
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i can't get laid (.com)
'most people have perfectly fine bodies, but their head is all wrong.'
"An innummerable amount of American teenagers are affected with the CGL -- Can't Get Laid -- disorder."
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an important message from the american lung association
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friday, mar 9, 2001
buggy balls
a big set of testicles dangling from the back of your car or truck!
"flesh colored, over 8" long, 5" wide and weigh almost a pound! I attached mine using a hinge so they swing back and forth when I stop or go!"
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the pitching machine
batter up?
this device launches 6 foot 2x4's at a velocity of 120 mph. this provides a calculated range of 800 ft. It is equipped with an automatic loading system holding 20 boards and is powered by a 500 cubic inch el dorado engine.
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shelldrake at 8:42 pm
the world's primary information and support network for and about romantic relationships among cousins
(thanks to cousin cananopie).
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gerbil launch craft destroyed, crew attacked by llamas
gerbil escapes with llamas uninjured
shelldrake at 7:59 pm
what's my line?
my business experience:
"i owned and operated a sucessful fishing business - multi-vessel, one plane, one island and processing facility. i simultaneously owned and operated a fleet of tractor-trailer trucks, and participated in the executive level management of 120 people worldwide."
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men who look like kenny rogers (.com)
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thursday, mar 8, 2001

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and the bride wore...
strange, odd, and unflattering wedding accessories
mackque at 7:30 pm
wednesday, mar 7, 2001
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there are crappy pages, and then there are pages of crap...
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no shit, sherlock?
computer expertise ala compaq
hit any key to continue...
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tuesday, mar 6, 2001
welcome to the most holy-n-high church of the blinding light of the holy glowing™ form of the one toupeed and gloriously bloated shatner
first church of shatnerology
since blort strongly supports your right to worship in the church of your choice, we feel we must also mention the second national church of shatnerology. then again, you could just cut out the middlemen and go directly to the source.
quonsar at 11:44 pm
traffic cone preservation society's field guide
orange cone - conus traficus
"Until the late 20th century, traffic cones were not thought worthy of scientific study. We hope to allow future generations the opportunity to enjoy these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats."
quonsar at 10:09 pm
church of the quivering otter
the Diet Coke of Fate told me you would come to us.
"COQO Monks living high in the mountains of Peru have mastered the art of foretelling the future by watching the dance of bubbles in their Diet Coke(tm). A twist of lime helps."
mcface at 7:58 pm
world's first soul 2 soul marketplace
sell your soul, buy other souls, earn valuable soul bucks.
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monday, mar 5, 2001

mcface at 10:36 pm
virtual church of the blind chihuahua
the courage to be ridiculous before god
"You may bring your dogma, but only if it doesn't bite."
mcface at 8:40 pm

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escort ireland (.com)
blue belles dublin
let amber show you the sights.
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hi, i am matt... and this is my mission...
i will try to make you feel like a queen.
"I am an 18 year old male, and there is no other way to say it, but I'm lonely. I haven't dated in a long time, and its lonely."
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