sunday, mar 4, 2001

quonsar at 9:19 pm
am i going down?
please do not remove from aircraft
flying? calculate the likelihood of personally experiencing full loss equivalency.
quonsar at 8:30 pm
international movement for the ban of radiofrequency weapons controlling human nervous system
bzzzt. wacko.
"Why the movement must be international? For the simple reason that no state will abandon its mind control technology, fearing that other states will use it against itself, for as long as other states will not abandon it as well...national organizations for the ban of radiofrequency weapons enabling the control of human nervous functions should be formed all over the globe."
quonsar at 7:36 pm
the many faces of rolf
"Rolf Hanson is a dynamic man of action, often seen climbing walls and crushing ice. you can control his destiny from this website."
via cananopie.
quonsar at 6:19 pm
how to get laid on the web
nerd's guide to scoring on the web
"The more you understand what you want, the more likely you are to find it."
shelldrake at 5:47 pm
naked women who love everlasting blort
shelldrake at 4:42 pm

quonsar at 4:34 pm
georgina cyr, animal communicator
talk to the animals
"My goal is to reunite the spiritual connection between animals and humans, bridging the communication gap and helping people to understand the connection that animals have with us."
quonsar at 4:13 pm
badger_with_seven_of_ninelook! it's a badger with...
'quite nice if you like that sort of thing'
it's about badgers, with things. if you want to request a picture of a badger with something, this is the site for you.
quonsar at 4:09 pm
quonsar at 1:47 pm
fucked marriage (.net)
Cheaters get lost. This site isn't for you!
somehow i don't think there is a happy story behind this site.
quonsar at 1:38 pm
you probably shouldn't click this
but you probably will anyway
so don't blame us.
quonsar at 11:01 am
the body of christ
resurrected by quonsar at 10:40 am
friday, mar 2, 2001
knockers the klown
Knockers has now sat on 200 birthday cakes!
quonsar at 11:16 pm
jesus of the week (.com)
quonsar at 11:13 pm
moore fans
i've always liked michael moore's work
quonsar at 8:34 pm
thursday, mar 1, 2001
real dolls
shelldrake at 10:58 pm
small penis (.org)
the Male Inadequacy Support Group
"the source for information, products and emotional support for men with feelings of inadequacy caused by reduced penile development."
shelldrake at 10:42 pm
wednesday, feb 28, 2001

shelldrake at 5:50 pm
kitty litter cake
make sure your friends/family have a sense of humor
"People will look at you VERY strangely when they see this on your table. It looks gross, but you can't beat it for taste and novelty.Someone made it, left it on her kitchen table and her hubby threw it out and yelled at her for leaving the cat's box on the table, that's how real looking it is."
quonsar at 5:47 pm
tuesday, feb 27, 2001

quonsar at 9:44 pm
aliens abducted my panties
but did they probe them too?
quonsar at 9:33 pm
the god simulator
ever wondered what it would be like to be God?
"Hereís your chance to find out. This simulation puts you in the place of God. As God, you are both omnipotent and omniscient. You have the power to do or create anything. No problem is insurmountable for you. Letís begin..."
quonsar at 9:31 pm
monday, feb 26, 2001
fat is only ugly until you put a nipple on it
nipple addition surgery by Dr. Jonas Zizlesse
"The only difference between fat thighs and fat breasts is that breasts have nipples! Why waste all of that time working out, or put all of that effort into dieting, when you can simply have Dr. Zizlesse construct a nipple or two on your problem areas!"
shelldrake at 10:39 pm

quonsar at 10:12 pm
"STUN-BRELLA DEFENSE SYSTEM - Discreet Stun-Brella resembles an ordinary collapsible umbrella. Until you hit the hidden trigger. Then a snapping blue glow of 80,000 volts jolts out of the tip."
quonsar at 10:06 pm
mardi gras bourbocam!
watch the celebration from the comfort of your computer.
shelldrake at 10:01 pm