sunday, feb 25, 2001

shelldrake at 2:59 pm
how often does he trim the nail?
shelldrake at 2:38 pm
your splat, reflectivity, sigma, the load requirements of your christmas light display, x-ray absorption coefficients, personal radiation dose, max vo2, ecological footprint, and the resonant modes of a rectangular room. always double-check questionable results.
quonsar at 2:23 pm
jumpin' jehosaphat the counting sheep
ask jehosaphat to solve the equation and she'll jump the answer!
quonsar at 1:26 pm

quonsar at 1:03 pm
vital information regarding the use of skeletal bones for the divination of spirit messages
because you never know when you might...
...get your bones tossed.
quonsar at 12:57 pm

quonsar at 12:29 pm
how do you know if there's a denser duclod?
if he's prancer in another closet.
quonsar at 12:25 pm
pretty fly for a white guy
quonsar at 12:22 pm

quonsar at 10:52 am
find a grave (.com)
ain't technology wunnerful?
"See the graves of thousands of famous people from around the world."
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quonsar at 1:28 am
saturday, feb 24, 2001
behind the music - alvin and the chipmunks
fame, glory, sex, drugs, scandal
"They came out of no where. Three chipmunks with apparently superior intelligence rocketed on to the scene back in 1955 with their break through hit, The Witchdoctor. But their popularity waned, and soon they found that fame carries a heavy price."
shelldrake at 10:04 pm

quonsar at 9:36 pm
free meat
how to get it
"The easiest way is just read the paper. Every day there are people looking to give away dogs and cats and all kinds of animals. That's God's way of saying 'Free meat to Godly home.'"
quonsar at 2:56 pm

quonsar at 1:15 pm
rusty is a homosexual
remembering the fireman gave rusty a funny feeling.
"I wish a fireman would take off all his clothes and sleep with me in my bed," said Rusty. "And I wish he would put a dog leash on me."
quonsar at 12:48 pm
}-{ello my future girlfriend
I just lost my girlfriend
"If you are going to be my girlfriend please don't dump me after I like you."
quonsar at 12:41 pm

Bosnian leader Bozo Matic
quonsar at 10:48 am
friday, feb 23, 2001
sand world
raising the art of sand sculpture to new heights
shelldrake at 6:58 pm
puking maria
quonsar at 6:56 pm
thursday, feb 22, 2001
miss jessup's 'jesus is lord' escort service presents: full gospel ranch cafe
service, ministry, and sexy chat
quonsar at 10:05 pm
the golem project
automatic design and manufacture of robotic lifeforms
"The Golem@Home Project is a screensaver aimed at harnessing idle CPU power across the Internet to perform massively distributed evolutionary computation."
shelldrake at 9:35 pm
the church of least resistance
'providing a decent excuse since 1997'
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW? You are sitting at a chair grasping a mouse with one hand, the other perhaps resting on the keyboard or in your lap. Slack-jawed, a rivulet of drool running out the corner of your mouth, you kill time."
mcface at 8:19 pm
wednesday, feb 21, 2001
if you're gettin' air, you know you're there!
The official Freeballing web site
"FBOA is not only an organization, it is a revolution... Exercise your rights today, and dare to get air... Its time to stand up and proclaim to the world, I DON'T WEAR UNDERWEAR."
shelldrake at 11:27 pm

shelldrake at 9:06 pm
johnny, don't play with your food!
but mom! kelloggs says it's ok...
mackque at 6:29 pm
tuesday, feb 20, 2001
stadium pal (.com)
an undetectable male leg bag
"The STADIUM PAL consists of three simple components: the external catheter worn like a condom, a flexible hose, and a collection bag with drain valve (worn on the inner calf)."
quonsar at 8:47 pm
the mind candy company
'weed on speed'
shelldrake at 8:38 pm
semenex™ (patent pending)
'great taste' in men guaranteed
"Secrets to tasty semen discovered through research into phallic-worshipping religions of the ancient world."
shelldrake at 7:37 pm
how to good-bye depression: if you constrict anus 100 times everyday. malarkey? or effective way?
by Hiroyuki Nishigaki
malarkey. i know some people who walk around perpetually clenched, and they are no less depressed as a result.
shelldrake at 7:27 pm
polk county sheriff's office
good ol' polk county, arkansas
an official county web site hosted on geocities? playing a cheesy midi of 'dust in the wind'? BWAHAHAHAHA! What do they use for a 911 system - tin cans and string?
quonsar at 7:22 pm
iasos & the realms of celestial music
(pronounced ya' sos)
"Iasos is a Music Creator, specializing in celestial, heavenly, inter-dimensional music. He is also one of the original founders of "New Age" music.
if he's so damned seminal, where are his k-tel ads?
quonsar at 7:13 pm

quonsar at 7:00 pm
monday, feb 19, 2001
the amazing, the incredible, the stupendous, the most talked about web page on the face of the earth
the amazing wallcam
"You've seen people at work, you've seen peoples' pets, you've even seen the inside of dorm rooms (-gasp-), but now experience what it is like to see, in real-time Wall-O-Vision(tm), a wall inside my house!"
mcface at 10:14 pm
top ten people america wants to kick in the balls
shelldrake at 9:29 pm
amish yoyo (.com)
handcrafted in a workshed located in Northeast, Indiana
"The AMISH YO-YO is turned out on a lathe without the use of electricity by an Amish craftsman."
quonsar at 8:30 pm

quonsar at 3:43 pm
fish abuse at walmart
what can YOU do?
"My local Rochester, New York Walmart's pet department is dark, ill-lit, and not supervised."
a recipe for fish delinquency if i ever heard one.
quonsar at 3:30 pm