sunday, feb 11, 2001

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an interactive history of the wienermobile,
trapped in the wienermobile,
wienermobile rampage.
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tri-state malted waffles (.com)
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pokemon picture perfect pancake maker
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dr. toast's amazing world of toast
have better toast, more often
"A piece of bread, crisped in a small countertop oven, perhaps topped with a fruit preserve or condiment. So simple. So perfect. Toast is the very thread which holds together the uneasy seams of modern society."
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saturday, feb 10, 2001

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puppy farm (.com)
unleash the flavor!
"New Chihua-WOW!™ brand of single-serving dinners will be available in grocery store freezers in more than a dozen states by month's end."
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GyneFlex™ with VTP™
background music: archie bell & the drells: 'tighten up'
"Beth just had a baby. Maria wants to get more from her marriage. Laura would love to laugh, cough and sneeze."
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the amazing virtual al gore
the Official Al Gore Simulator
shelldrake at 1:43 pm
free rifle (.com)
because everyone needs a free rifle
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friday, feb 9, 2001
hatten är din
lycka till!
"Sällskapets äldste håller i hatten när musiken börjar. När körsången inleds placerar den äldste hatten på den fullaste personens huvud (därav slangutrycket 'fyllehatt')."
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james henry graf
big brother is raping you.
"Armageddon, the ultimate struggle between good and evil, has assumed a new and unanticipated meaning in the shadow of the Millennium. You will look in vain for the fearsome hosts in martial garb. They are not in the field, for that is not where the fight will be. The awful truth you never knew -- never suspected -- is that Armageddon is within."
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thursday, feb 8, 2001
cell phone diode and SafeTShield
tools for wellness
"Our tiny cell diode sticks onto your phone and neutralizes the harmful frequencies inherent in cellular phone transmissions. SafeTShield™ is attached right onto the earpiece of the cellular and cordless phone, thereby preventing electromagnetic waves from penetrating the brain through the ear canal."
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the control of body voltage getting out of a car
Institute of Physics, Static Electrification Group
"As it is not plausible to specify or control the clothing people wear the action to limit shock risk needs to be part of car system design."
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electromagnetic field safety garments, bedding, & grounding devices
the EMF safety superstore
"At last, you can look good and shield yourself too! 20% pure stainless steel fibers provide an amazing 30 dB (93%) shielding over the range of 1 MHz to 18 GHz even after 50 washings!"
via mefi
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wednesday, feb 7, 2001
solotrek exo-skeletor flying vehicle
individual VTOL flight
"Imagine an innovative new transportation device, representing a change as significant as the motor car's invention almost 100 years ago."
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world church of the creator
brain dead racist dipshit alert
"Greetings, fellow White Racial Comrades! Welcome to the World Church of the Creator web site! We intend to make this the most dynamic, intelligent and revolutionary site on the Internet. Let us together build a Whiter and Brighter World."
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the falcon's nest
web page designer extraordinaire
"Self employed."
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adopt a penis
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tuesday, feb 6, 2001

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street lights and poles
jeff's photo gallery
"To the right, a Thomas Betts 125 with feathered friend, from a Flushing, Queens supermarket parking lot. The 125 is one fixture not used on NYC roads."
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scritch's multilingual swear list
!#@$$! shelldrake at 9:34 pm
empty bowel
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monday, feb 5, 2001
tide may have turned for the livestock sector
sheep prices are higher than anticipated
"PERTH Market is certain to be a busy place this week with the annual February bull sales commencing today and running through until late on Thursday afternoon. No less than 984 bulls of eight different breeds are entered with a further 257 females in the catalogue."
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victoria's secret
rixport at 9:51 pm
drunk nerds (.com)
send the drunk nerds to mardi gras
"We are nerds ... We are drunk ... We should party at Mardi!"
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nursery photos (.com)
search our database of 172 million photos from 90,000 hospitals
"Welcome to - where you can find your own nursery photo online. It took us two years of research to collect over 172,000,000 nursery photos - the pictures taken of newborn babies at over 98% of hospitals and medical centers."
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propeller clocks!
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whole stuffed camel
1 whole camel, medium size; 1 whole lamb, large size; 20 whole chickens, medium size; 60 eggs; 12 kilos rice; 2 kilos pine nuts; 2 kilos almonds; 1 kilo pistachio nuts; 110 gallons water; 5 pounds black pepper; Salt to taste...
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water push-up bra
get some va-va-voom in your life
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underpants. they're out there...
vital internet resource #578,332
every mention of the word 'underpants' ever uttered on the x-files, painstakingly cataloged.
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groupie central
the first web site for groupies
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inflatable jesus
conceived by engineers of the Church of True Truth
"Perhaps the real Jesus would never waste his time with a sinner like you. But now you have consolation with the inflatable Jesus doll... WARNING: Do not attempt to fill the Jesus doll with Helium. Only the real Jesus has the right to ascend to heaven."
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