sunday, oct 22, 2000
6 of one, half dozen of the other?
mistake, or political commentary?
plenty of people think there isn't much difference between gush and bore...
update: 10/23/2000 9:09pm
neither mistake nor commentary, it turns out this was advertising...
posted by quonsar at 7:14 pm
title insurance: nothing but a scam
quonsar's kneejerk rant of the day
"Title company employees did not tell them the most commonly used policy has five standard exceptions -- things it does not cover."
and those are precisely the things which people believe they are protected from. most policies exclude any liability arising from unrecorded deeds, and there is no requirement to record (make a public record of) a deed in michigan. the policy is useless, yet no bank will give you a loan without one. standard residential title insurance is nothing more than a tool used by greedy banks and title firms to bilk the homebuyer under the guise of "closing costs".
posted by quonsar at 12:24 pm
big boy's travelin' bone
it must be jeff gordon's pit crew
for the 4th time in 2 years in grand rapids, mi, someone has managed to unbolt and spirit away big boy from his perch in front of the restaurant at a well lighted and busy intersection without being seen.
posted by quonsar at 11:58 am
growing artificial breasts
progress in the field of tissue engineering
"nipples have been constructed from cartilage that has been derived from purified pig ear cells."
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large hot pipe organ
MIDI controlled, propane powered
"LHPO's pyro-acoustic explodo-rhythmations will throbbatize your earholes..."
my earholes could use a good throbbatizing.
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i suspected as much
someone's been diddling the whois database. mirror is here if they fix it.
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cat with attitude
and the catnip mouse you rode in on
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saturday, oct 21, 2000
shoot me up elmo
bert is evil too
injected by shelldrake at 11:03 pm
space furs designing a new impulse engine coil
furry fantasy art
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smooth: a eunuch's personal pages
more than you wanted to know
"This site contains images and information that some may find disquieting."
they got that right. consider yourselves warned.
posted by quonsar at 3:16 pm
get your hand off me
need a hand with that?
a new zealand man who had the world's first hand transplant two years ago now wants the limb removed.
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charity is it's own reward
just what a man needs to get back on his feet?
they need a bigger sign.
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friday, oct 20, 2000
eating Olean snacks will not cause anal leakage
important news for your ass
friday night survival checklist: olean snacks, check. anti-mind-control beanie, check. now where did i put that lassie repellent?
posted by quonsar at 11:36 pm
lassie kills
timmy was never completely safe...
posted by quonsar at 11:25 pm
aluminum foil deflector beanie
effective, low-cost solution to combating mind-control
AFDB is a type of head-wear that can shield your brain from most electromagnetic psychotronic mind-control carriers. what a relief. "shields up!"
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thursday, oct 19, 2000
asshole alert
take cover immediately
it plays 'dixie' in the background. really.
projectile vomited by quonsar at 11:13 pm
two lights, nine buttons, a speaker, and a microchip
i want one of these for my desk
it'll drive my co-workers nuts.
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i don't even want to know
neither does the horse
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wednesday, oct 18, 2000
now we know our abc's
digital electronic teaching aids
schoolhouse rock 2000
contributed by shelldrake at 9:00 pm
another great parody
i saw this on tbtf. the page looks really authentic because it is pulling microsoft's own graphics from thier own site (on their nickel). if it disappears, it is mirrored here.
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tuesday, oct 17, 2000
get reborn! join the society within the society!
we want you!!!
be damned if i can decide whether this is scary ["join a strong brotherhood"] or funny ["get your own email address"].
posted by quonsar at 11:35 pm
planning for the next billion newbies
alas poor net, we hardly knew ya
"with control over the hardware as well as the interface, big players can control what users see, as well as how how they see it."
until finally the only way to distinguish it from television will be the 'buy now!' button...
posted by quonsar at 10:38 pm
eBay wants its own tv show
thought provoking and riveting, no doubt
"the web giant is in talks with two major networks, including abc, and some cable networks to bring the show to daytime tv five days a week."
coming up next: housecoats of the bored and frumpy
posted by quonsar at 9:58 pm
genetic savings and clone
your friendly neighborhood gene bank
you take rover's dna to the bank for future cloning, and i'll see you in brooklyn at six for the escrow closing on the bridge.
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virtual fetal pig dissection
what wierd widgets the web weaves
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monday, oct 16, 2000
"it's pretty clear he needs a little counseling, at the very least"
uh, please pass the listerine
police are looking for a man who is approaching strangers in public places and sucking their toes. the police sketch looks remarkably like bill gates.
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